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Not Again: the Manhunt Is on
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1224pm EST. University College Hospital in London is now on “high alert” as London police search for today’s terror bombing suspects. All four bombing locations have been cordoned off. Intelligence sources telling Fox News’ Simon Marks that the mastermind of the 7/7 bombings is not in custody and still at large.

The latest from the Guardian on the hospital search:

Armed police have resumed searching a hospital in central London amid reports that a suspected would-be suicide bomber was on the run inside after explosions on tube trains and a bus today.

Officers went back into University College Hospital (UCH) an hour after calling off their original search, which came after an incident involving explosives at the nearby Warren Street tube station.

Speaking at 4.50pm, a Metropolitan police spokesman said: “We have armed deployment at UCH, but we are not prepared to discuss this further at this stage.”

At 4.30, the Sky News television channel reported that a convoy of police vans and two armed response units had arrived at the hospital, including officers from the anti-terrorist branch.

The report said a patient had seen around 30 armed police inside the building.

Sky News earlier reported that a memo had been sent to hospital staff, at the request of the Metropolitan police, asking them to be on the lookout for a black or possibly Asian man, 6ft 2in tall, wearing a blue top with wires protruding from a hole in the rear.

Staff had been told to call 999 if they saw the suspected bomber, but not to approach him.

Two arrests reported via This is London.

Press conference coming up soon with London Police. Stand by…

1248pm EST. Sir Ian Blair, police commissioner, confirming the four scenes. “Attempts have been made to set off explosive devices…This is an incredibly fast-moving scene…”

London MayorRed KenLivingstone: “It is not surprising that we’ve had another attempt to take life…We will get through this.”

Q&A Ian Blair: Clearly, the intention must have been to kill…From what I understand, some of the devices remain unexploded.

No fatalities. One reported casualty.

Reporter asks if authorities have suspect descriptions: Blair declines to give them out.

110pm EST. Fox News’ Simon Marks: Hunt for an “unknown number” of suspects is underway. Police helicopters hovering above. “The cordon is wide” around Houston Road — main thoroughfare.

200pmEST. Here’s a quick chemistry lesson from Hyscience on acetone peroxide.

Tonight: Fox News reporting that the two arrests are not related to the terror attacks.



Not again

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