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Poll: Most Hawaiians Oppose the Akaka Bill
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According to a new poll, only 20 percent of Hawaiians support the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2005 (aka “the Akaka Bill”), which would give Native Hawaiians the rights of self-government as indigenous people that American Indians now enjoy. 41 percent of those polled said they do not support the bill and 39 percent gave no response.

Among those who gave a response, two-thirds oppose the bill.

According to the Hawaii Reporter, the full wording of the poll is as follows: “The Akaka Bill question, now pending in Congress, would allow Native Hawaiians to create their own government not subject to all the same laws, regulations and taxes that apply to other citizens of Hawaii. Do you want Congress to approve the Akaka Bill?”

(Hat tip: Andrew Walden, Editor, Hawai`i Free Press.)



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