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Check this out: Hat tip: Opinipundit, who comments, "We have manuals on how to properly handle the Koran and humanely treat prisoners, paying respect their cultural sensitivities, they have manuals on how to properly torture and decapitate hostages." Yup.
From Karl Rove, quoted in today's NY Times: Right. On. Democrats are now calling on Rove to apologize. Apologize? For what? For distilling the fundamental difference between the left and the right's approaches to terrorism in the wake of 9/11. The Dems are having a hissyfit over the comments, as if stating the obvious is... Read More
The Supreme Court's decision in the New London eminent domain case is in, and it's a devastating blow against homeowners and private property rights: The Institute for Justice, which has fought valiantly against these government land grabs, will have a press statement shortly. Check here. More at CNN.
Oh, my. Check out this thread in the fever swamps of the Democratic Underground. It's titled, "Al Gore is still president." Here's an excerpt from one commenter. This is not a parody: Hat tip: PJ Comix
The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman pokes at the entrails. Hugh Hewitt analyzes The Durbin Effect: True that. Kevin at MediaSlander has the latest example. *** Update: Some are still not satisfied with Durbin's statement... Update II: National Review warns about the next Gitmo gambit. La Shawn Barber points to this
The battle over Ground Zero continues, and the public relations master for the Blame America side is losing his cool. - Check out this must-see segment from the O'Reilly Factor Tuesday night in which Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade describes an off-air confrontation between 9/11 family member Debra Burlingame--who blew the whistle on the... Read More
Three curious stories of illegal alien pilots just wandering around Mexico and the U.S.: 1) From AP last week: A day after he was expelled from Mexico, a man who once ran a Southern California aerospace company was indicted for allegedly exporting military jet parts in violation of the federal Arms Export Control Act. Arif... Read More
Cheat Seeking Missiles highlights warped Democrat priorities.'s Tim Chapman reports: Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) has introduced a bill called the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2005, S.147. Akaka wants to extend the government's policy of self-governance and self-determination to Native Hawaiians. He, and fellow Hawaiian Senator Inouye intend to do this by creating a race-based and racially separate government for... Read More
I'll let the photos speak:
Depressing reality check via Neal Boortz today: The death of fiscal conservatism is illustrated in further brutal detail here, here, here, and here. See also the Heritage Foundation's 2005 Index of Dependency. Can't say you didn't know what we were getting. *** Topping things off: Here's new word that President Bush has dropped individual personal... Read More
There is no escaping Ed Klein's much-buzzed-about book on Hillary Clinton. It's being sold at my local Safeway grocery story, for Pete's sake, at the checkout aisle, atop the Altoids and Reese's Peanut Butter sticks. I have neither the time nor the inclination to wade through this rehash (maybe the book would have been more... Read More
My latest column, bringing these arguments to my newspaper readers, is up. I've phoned both Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham's offices for comment, and will report back any reaction of interest. Meanwhile, Lee Casey and Darin Bartram, who have written cogently on this topic, shared the following thoughts with me: The bottom line is that... Read More
Here's your regular, gasoline-drenched reminder of the latest MSM-induced desecration that won't be getting front-page coverage: Pakistani Sunni Muslims burn U.S. and Israeli flags during a rally in Lahore June 17, 2005. Almi Tanzim-e-Ahle Sunnat or World Sunni Muslims Organisation held the rally in reaction to a Newsweek magazine report, which was later retracted, of... Read More
Hawk-eyed blogger Tom Maguire notices two important omissions in the New York Times' coverage of the Dick Durbin "apology."
CPT Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss, a MilBlogger, has reportedly sustained serious shrapnel wounds to his legs and arms from an IED. Click here to read more and to leave a message of support for Chuck, his wife, and his two children. (Hat tip: reader Terry R.) Update: Background info about IEDs at Winds of Change.
How bad is AP's political coverage? Read the headline and first couple of grafs of this article and see for yourself: I'd like to see the look on Fournier's face when the South Carolina GOP primary results come in. (Hat tip: Jayson at PoliPundit.) Update: TradeSports says McCain has only about a 1 in 6... Read More
Once in a blue moon, the Associated Press does something right. Props to Shelia Byrd for mentioning the affiliation of the slain civil rights workers who got justice yesterday. All three brave young men were field workers for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), a conservative -- yes, conservative -- civil rights group. Small wonder... Read More
According to the Wall Street Journal (subscription only link), Republican and Democrat Senators have reached an agreement to permanently boost the amount per person that is exempt from estate taxes to more than $3 million per person. While this falls short of full repeal advocated by House Republicans, it is a major improvement over the... Read More
Remember Foleygate? Boston journalist Hiawatha Bray, who launched a write-in campaign to unseat Newspaper Guild president Linda Foley over her reckless smears against the U.S. military, sends along this propaganda piece from the Guild attacking Foley's critics. It's titled "Right-wing attack-dogs savage TNG president for comments on Iraq deaths" and sneers at Fox News, Sinclair... Read More
Was away from the computer/TV this evening, assembling this Weber grill and breaking in a new Hi-5 CD with the kids. So, I just watched the Durbin non-apology apology (video and transcript available at The Political Teen) and caught up on the news stories (here, here, and here). Looks like the Console George folks are... Read More
Via Gerry Daly and Ankle Biting Pundits, here are the latest poll numbers on how Americans view the Bush administration's operation of Guantanamo Bay: Keep doing what you're doing, Gitmo-bashers. It's working wonders. *** Reader feedback... Robert C. writes: "The missing question is the one in which they determine if disapproval comes from feeling the... Read More
Add Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to the list of those who think Senator Dick Durbin should apologize for his comments comparing Gitmo interrogators to Nazis. Associated Press reports: Just another "moronic Right-Wing smear attack," eh Kos?
This is a doozy. Some people just can't seem to Move On...even after they've moved on. Hat tip: Reader Frank A.
Ed Lasky at The American Thinker chronicles them.
Ed Driscoll has a reminder of Durbin's national security utterances in 1998. Reader Pat T. sends word that Durbin supports the long as they're in his district. Cassandra at Villanous Company rips into Richard Cohen. David Limbaugh says don't let him off the hook.
Who is it? The Discovery Channel wants you to vote. *** Reader feedback... Jonathan in Jackson notes: "I find the Discovery channel greatest American thing quite interesting. Did you notice that B. Franklin "did", MLK "did", Lincoln "did", and Washington "did", but Reagan is "credited for doing"? They're not even trying to hide it any... Read More
Earlier this month, columnist Bob Novak discovered "surprising and substantial opposition" among Democrat elites to nominating Hillary Clinton for President in '08. But at least she still enjoys the overwhelming support of grassroots liberal activists, right? Maybe not.
Power Line has them up now. Take a look. Update: More here and here.
JunkyardBlog spoofs the Sorry Left. The latest, top-quality IMAO podcast is up, with special guest Laurence Simon. The Political Teen takes Democrats to task for sponsoring a private relief bill--which I've covered before here. Mary Katherine Ham asks: Where have all the good spines gone? Daniel Glover, Managing Editor of National Journal's Technology Daily, has... Read More
Here we go again. Senate debate on the nomination of John Bolton for the U.N. ambassador's post is scheduled to begin tonight at 5pm EST. RedState reminds you that there's still time to contact some of the swing/squish votes. It's not clear whether President Bush would give Bolton a recess appointment in the (likely) event... Read More
It's the Sesame Street Memo. Scrappleface has the scoop. ;)
The U.S. military didn't stock up enough Cheetos for Saddam Hussein. Denied this vital sustenance, Hussein turned "grumpy." No doubt Ramsey Clark is already on the line with Amnesty International, Dick Durbin, and the U.N. How much unconscionable repression by American forces can the world take?
You already know how I feel about Mark Steyn. His latest instant classic column on the Gitmo-bashers is hanging on the home office wall. A few highlights if you haven't already read it: And: So, so good. Read and relish. *** Also good: Hugh Hewitt's piece in the Weekly Standard on "Breaking the Durbin Code"... Read More
Wish there were more protests like this on college campuses...
So, I received a mass e-mail from Anne Lewis of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Friday. It was titled: "Right-Wing Implosion." And these folks think they are members of the "reality-based community?" Who's imploding? You. Tell. Me.
John Hawkins at Right Wing News has posted an interesting list of the 100 greatest Americans. I have one name to add to his list: William F. Friedman. Friedman is known as the godfather of modern U.S. cryptology. His team of brilliant codebreakers cracked Japan's highest security codes prior to World War II. As Roberta... Read More
Tom Maguire of JustOneMinute wants to know why the New York Times hasn't reported on the anti-Israel, anti-semitic comments made at a recent Democratic event hosted by John Conyers:
Proponents and opponents of illegal immigration squared off yesterday at a Home Depot in Alhambra, Calif. Chris Kelly has the details at The Immigration Blog. Photos here. Related: - Home Depot picketed over illegal immigrant allegations - Illegal immigrants protested (Home Depot Rally)
CIA director Porter Goss told BBC he has an "excellent idea" where Osama Bin Laden is hiding. (Hat tip: Jihad Watch.)
The battle over Ground Zero continues. Today, at 12 noon EST, there will be a rally and press conference in NYC to "Take Back the Memorial. More comments from 9/11 families here. Thoughts from Jeff Jarvis on the left, LGF on the right. Cox & Forkum weigh in further. Good on the rally organizers for... Read More
One of the most common complaints about Guantanamo Bay is that the detainees have been denied trials. Sen. John McCain made these charges on Meet the Press yesterday: "The weight of evidence [in Guantanamo Bay] has got to be that we've got to adjudicate these people's cases, and...if it means releasing some of them, you'll... Read More
The Los Angeles Times wikitorial experiment has been shut down "because a few readers were flooding the site with inappropriate material." I can relate.
The fishing report: Me: 0. Zip. Nada. My five-year-old daughter: 10 bluegill and crappie. No keepers. Me: A very unlucky Texas rig (lizards and pumpkin plastic worms). Daughter: Nightcrawlers under a Winnie-the-Pooh bobber (can't beat it). The fish that got away: An at least 6 lb. largemouth bass that I will be sobbing about for... Read More
Hope all you daddies had a great one.
Read this extraordinary piece in the Washington Post about Sen. Robert Byrd's continued attempts to downplay his membership and activism in the KKK. Just read it. *** Previous: The vulnerable Bobby Byrd The life and times of Robert "Sheets" Byrd *** Update: Jayson at Polipundit on Byrd's voting record.
Milblogger Matt at Blackfive, one of the best in the biz, turned two today. Check out some of his classic posts: the Someone You Should Know series; his post on Major Mathew Schram; and the After Action Report on the Raven 42 ambush. Then bookmark/Blogline him, read him daily, and buy a cool Blackfive t-shirt.
Weekend plans: Fishing! Sunfish, largemouth bass, something big. Later tonight: Scheduled to be on FNC's Hannity and Colmes, sometime in the last half of the show.
- Arkansas? - Meet an American hero, the first woman to receive the Silver Star since WWII...Sondra K headlines the story, "Not a Nazi." Heh-heh. - Serbs, lies, and videotape...Julia and Lev Gorin have the scoop. - Ryan Sager's fine tribute to a free speech champion...Mr. Smith Quits Washington.
Just received this e-mail from Steve Gill: Steve writes that the full interview will be on the White House website shortly. Bill Hobbs has audio of the interview up. Meanwhile... Hugh Hewitt surveys the halls of Congress and the MSM scene. Dave Logan has an update on his polling of Senators for comment. I called... Read More
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