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Norman Mailer: Still Off His Meds
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When last we heard from the paranoid codger, he was blaming Karl Rove for Newsweek’s bogus Koran desecration story.

The NYPost’s Page Six brings us the latest Mailer-strom:

Norman Mailer is catching static over “Asiatic.” The literary lion offended the politically-correct crowd by denouncing New York Times critic Michiko Kakutani as a “kamikaze” and an “Asiatic, feminist . . . two-fer . . . token.”

Asiatic? Gotta love those high-minded literary rednecks.

Lots of ridiculosity to go around here, though. Asian American journos (who, I should note from personal experience, have no problem calling other Asian American writers they disagree with “two-fers” and “tokens”) are yelping indignantly on Kakutani’s behalf and demanding an apology on all counts.

Relax, Asian-American crusaders. The man has lost it. Pity him. Mock him. Ignore him. Save your grievance-mongering for younger, healthier targets–say, the “anti-Asian” Brad Pitt!

Radar Online reports that Kakutani herself “is so furious about the slurs she’s thinking about filing complaints with the Academy of Arts and Letters and other stuffy literary groups to which Mailer belongs.”

Oooh. Watch out. Letters of complaint. With the Academy of Arts and Letters. That’ll teach the old fool.

Bone-crusher Kakutani better send those missives out fast. It’s only a matter of time before Mailer really embarrasses the liberal literary establishment and starts muttering something like this.


E&P covers the story here.

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