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This blog turned one last week! (BTW: Congrats to Karol at Alarming News, which turned the Big 3 today.)

First, some blogiversary expressions of gratitude:

Special thanks to the following people for their warm welcomes, words of advice/encouragement, and early links during’s incipient days: John, Paul, and Scott at Power Line, John Hawkins at Right Wing News, Frank J. at IMAO, Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom, Bill Ardolino at INDC Journal, Kevin Aylward and the Wizbang crew, Ace of Spades, Spoons, Captain Ed, and the folks at The Corner.

Warm thanks to my co-bloggers at The Immigration Blog. Thanks to all the commenters who contributed their insights and humor before the troll invasion forced me to shut down the comments section. Thanks to everyone who’s blogrolled this blog. Thanks to the trackbackers who’ve provided great insights, new angles, and worthy criticisms. Thanks to all my advertisers and to Henry Copeland and the team. Thanks to the creative minds at Movable Type; Sekimori, who designed the site; and Mark Jaquith, who keeps things running smoothly.

Most of all, thanks to all of you who visit regularly, and provide valuable tips and feedback every day. Your continued readership and activism are deeply, deeply appreciated.


Two figures have had an undeniable impact on this blog, as they have had on the blogosphere as a whole: Matt Drudge and Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds. Though he disdains the term “blog,” Drudge was and is the O.B.: the original blogger. His entrepreneurial spirit is often taken for granted now, but he inspired many of us long before our blogs were born. Here’s what I wrote about Drudge in December 1997 while working at the Seattle Times (reg reqd):

Matt Drudge is to plugged-in Internet news junkies what John Galt is to Ayn Rand acolytes: an anti-establishment renegade of mythical proportions who is defying a world in decline. The 30-year-old, self-made snoop runs an e-mail service and accompanying web site called the “Drudge Report.” He has taken the world of journalism and politics by storm. While TV news ratings sink and newspaper circulation stalls, Drudge’s site has exploded to 40,000 hits a day. Subscribers are alerted throughout the day to breaking world events, inside-the-Beltway scuffles, entertainment news and media spats.

With no formal training, no high-powered patrons, and a bare-bones home office in a cheap Los Angeles apartment, Drudge’s admirers (myself included) consider him a scrappy symbol of free speech, independence and bootstrap journalism.

Funny how similar that passage is now to much of the praise being heaped on bloggers now–eight years later.

Reynolds’ blog was one of the first I started reading, and remains one of the first I read every morning. Whether you agree with his politics or not, he sets blogospheric gold standards for ethics, etiquette, quality, and output.

A hat tip (see what I mean?) to both men for their contributions to Internet journalism.


For the statistics geeks, here are some of the imperfect but useful metrics of the year in the life of this blog:



Sitemeter (added in January 2005)…


Total visits as of today, 12:30pm: 6,341,092

Average Per Day 53,639

Average Visit Length 0:17

Total page views as of today, 12:30pm: 8,663,273

Average Per Day 72,033

Average Per Visit 1.3

Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem

4.Michelle Malkin (3257)

Truth Laid Bear Traffic

11) Michelle Malkin 53639 visits/day


27. Michelle Malkin 6,095 links from 3,741 sources


Much has been written about the purported lack of “diversity” in the blogosphere. My hope is that this site will continue to add unique value to the blogosphere, even if the usual “diversity”-mongers don’t consider it to fall under their elite definition of “diverse.”

I’ll continue to do original reporting here on the main site (see more below); my co-bloggers at The Immigration Blog will continue to provide daily, in-depth coverage of homeland security, border control, enforcement, and sovereignty issues. I’ll continue to throw in the occasional recipe and Mommyblogging posts.


And I’ll continue to join with other bloggers of all political stripes to hammer away at important stories and issues that the MSM ignore or distort at sometimes deadly peril.

As a journalist with feet in both camps–MSM and the blogosphere–I am often at odds with colleagues on either side. While much of my criticism is leveled at legacy media, I have also been quick to warn blog triumphalists against exaggerating their ranks and readership.

That said, I can envision the day when I leave the MSM world for life as a completely full-time blogger. Not yet. But someday.


Year in review: Highlights

Special reports…

Special report: A closer look at anti-Bush “art”

Special report: Inside an illegal alien rally

Special report: Shake-up at DHS?

Other noteworthy blog flogs…

Air marshals, Ward Churchill, Terri Schiavo, border security, Ilario Pantano, Giuliania Sgrena, Eason Jordan, CBS Watch, MS-13, Guantanamo Bay, Ground Zero.

Random retrospective…

June 2004: Press “1” for English

July 2004: What say you now, Grover Norquist?, The buck-naked bigotry of Ted Rall

August 2004: Ambush journalism…or my evening with caveman Chris Matthews

September 2004: How much mobility is there in the blogospheric ecosystem?

October 2004: Lawrence O’Donnell and liberals unhinged, You can’t fool a sportsman

November 2004: More B.S. from CBS News, Pilot error, Bush did not win 44 percent of the Hispanic vote, The view from Montgomery County, Md.

December 2004: Ornamental things, Maglalangadingdong this, End of the year listmania

January 2005: Holding our own to a higher standard, Sore loser roundup, Mystery in the skies, Minority conservatives and the sellout smear, The Kid Rock question

February 2005: UN sex scandal, Waiting for Bret Stephens to call, Comments, trolls and the Left’s continued whore fixation

March 2005: School says student can’t post picture of Marine,

These people: The MSM’s religious bigotry, Shameless in Seattle,

Shame on President Bush, All about the Minnesota school shooter

April 2005: Who’s in a family?, Who-needs-enemies photos of the day, The Boston Globe’s bogus seal hunt story

May 2005: Send George Voinovich a tissue, The great abortion-is-rising hoax, The Wonkette-ization of Laura Bush, A book-banning dodged–thank you!

June 2005: Keep your hands off our blogs, contd., The bloody chainsaw-toting freak, Screaming Islamists in NYC desecrate flag…MSM yawns, A reckless charge against the military

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)