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Must-read of the day is at the WSJ Online: "An American Soldier." It's an essay from Michael C. Carson of St. Paul, Minnesota, a fallen American soldier, written five years ago when he was a high school senior. Laura Ingraham read it on her show this morning. You won't get through it with dry eyes.... Read More
Democrat Maurice Hinchey, the N.Y. congressman who claims Karl Rove planted the CBS Rathergate memos, is still unhinged. Now, he's blaming "Republican spin" for his junket addiction. The Federal Review takes down Hinchey's excuses. Confederate Yankee and GOP and the City weigh in.
...because you might end up in The Parade of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes. Warning: Beverage-spewing-inducing.
Pia de Solenni has a jaw-dropping piece in NRO today about a morning radio show here in D.C. that aired a vulgar broadcast interviewing callers who joked about having multiple abortions. The host, "Elliott" of Elliott in the Morning on D.C. 101, held a contest to find the woman who had had the most abortions.... Read More
Lots of buzzing over Howard Dean's telling slip o' the tongue on Meet the Press yesterday in which he confused Saddam and Osama (video via Jackson's Junction; transcript at MSNBC): Whaaaa? Dean repeated the mistake again: Whoops. Looks like Dr. Dean can't keep his crackpot attacks straight. Recall that in December 2003, he waded into... Read More
That's the gist of a recent survey of college-educated men and women in Egypt, Morocco and Indonesia. But as blogger Mike A. at Probably Correct, who pointed me to the survey, observes, that's "[j]ust exactly opposite [of] what the UN told the US last December, when we rushed to the aid of tsunami survivors and... Read More
The NY comptroller says sex offenders are getting taxpayer-subsidized Viagra because of a federal Department of Health and Human Services directive. Sen. Chuck Schumer gets the Sherlock Holmes Award for making this observation: Dave Lucas points to this disturbing potential Viagra recipient in NY. Rob Port traces this back to the abominable Bush Medicare expansion.... Read More
Iraqi police hero Maj. Imad Shakir Mahmoud died last week stopping a suicide bomber on Sunday, May 15, in the city of Baqouba, northeast of Baghdad. There was a memorial parade for Mahmoud today. His young daughter, carrying a large portrait of her slain father, led the way. R.I.P., Maj. Mahmoud.
The Newsweek fallout continues... - From the Stockton Record: The campus incident does indeed mirror the retracted Newsweek story: It smells funny. - Have you seen the cover of Newsweek's Japan edition?!?! Aaron's cc hollers back. - First Lady Laura Bush feels the heat. - Bloggers take down Newsweek's newest, freshest,
There's a new documentary on Sen. Robert Byrd's life story "of strength and fortitude" debuting this week. It's called "The Soul of the Senate" (website to be launched soon here). The Sunday Gazette-Mail reports: The film will be distributed to every secondary school and library in West Virginia, alon
Bloggers on the job... Mark Tapscott takes down clueless professor Chris Hanson of the University of Maryland's Phillip Merrill School of Journalism. The Mudville Gazette takes down the Washington Post. Red State takes down the HuffPost. Blogger Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol now writes a column for the NY Daily News. (Hat tip: Alarming... Read More
Must-read of the morning comes from Keith Thompson, a northern California liberal--or rather, ex-liberal, who has a long essay in the San Francisco Chronicle today on why he left the Left. His day of reckoning was Jan. 30, 2005. Here's the intro: Read the whole thing. And welcome, Keith! Gla
Howard Dean on Meet the Press this morning claims abortions have gone up "25 percent since George Bush was president." The bogus numbers have been cited by Hillary Clinton and New York Times columnist Nick Kristof, among others. Tim Russert did not bother to challenge Dean's assertion. The truth? See here, here, and here. Tom... Read More
The Contagious Media Showdown is on. My favorite entries: Crying, while eating Blogebrity Delivr
Remember this embattled cross? When last I blogged about the beloved war memorial on a mountaintop in the San Diego area, a local atheist seemed on the verge of winning a protacted legal battle to tear the cross down. Now, it's headed for a citywide vote. We'll keep an eye on it. Matthew J. Peterson... Read More
You've seen the photos of poor old Saddam in his skivvies, but there are some other interesting details in the New York Post's account of Saddam's jail life that aren't getting as much attention. The terribly abused tyrant gets hair dye, example, "to keep his mane youthful-looking." He gets three squares a day, a fluffy... Read More
Tonight I'll be substitute-hosting for Bill O'Reilly on FOX News' The O'Reilly Factor. Tune in if you don't have a date. :) Update: Video here via The Political Teen.
I received an interesting e-mail recently from Jory Weitz, the casting director of Napoleon Dynamite. Haven't seen that movie yet, but my hubby loved it. Anyway, Weitz is now making a documentary all about the word "f**k" and "its effect on our everyday lives." Yes, "F**k." The Sundance people and elite movie critics are going... Read More
Sizzling hot stories breaking out of the blogosphere: - Pepsi falls flat. My friends at Power Line have done an absolutely fabulous job reporting on the insipid, America-bashing commencement address of Pepsi exec Indra Nooyi. See here, here, here, here, and here. Hugh Hewitt has some sage advice for the company, whose damage control efforts... Read More
When last Gwynnie Paltrow's husband, Brit musician Chris Martin of the band Coldplay, put foot in mouth, he was proclaiming apocalypse: "We are all going to die when George Bush gets his way." The planet survived, so Martin has found a new enemy to pass the time: his own record label, EMI. In New York... Read More
"Ward Churchill" has really outdone himself this time. ;) Update: Another recently discovered Churchill masterpiece here.
Tom Maguire has a good question for WaPo's Anne Applebaum.
An update on the national security scandal that few seem to care about: According to JTA News, AIPAC is paying for the legal costs incurred by two former AIPAC officials who are suspected of passing classified information they allegedly got from Larry Franklin to Naor Gilon, an Israeli diplomat. Related entries here.
*See update. Hey, remember when The Nation magazine ran this tasteless anti-Bush take-off of Goya's "Saturn Devouring one of his Children" last summer? The Left cheered the bloody cannibalism imagery as inspired and profound. But when a conservative uses similar rhetoric in a far less inflammatory way, all of a sudden it's unacceptably "extremist." Earlier... Read More
My new column is up, filled with many reminders that "It's not just Newsweek." Like this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. You get the picture.
The Wednesday edition of CBS's 60 Minutes, the program that brought us Rathergate, is dead. Coincidentally enough, the feature story on tonight's show is titled, "Who's gonna get whacked?" More here and at TV Newser.
Fireworks scheduled to begin at 9:30am. The latest headlines... Wash Times: Nominees head to Senate ABC: Senate Debates Bush's Judicial Nominee Washington Post: Senate Talks Continue As Fight on Judges Nears LA Times editorial: Nuke It, Already Best places to watch/listen to the showdown... - NRO's latest new blog, Bench Memos. - The Daly Report.... Read More
AP reports the chilling news: Hat tip: James Joyner.
Juan Mann at The Immigration Blog has the depressing scoop. You were warned here first.
And why is it taking so long? Just wondering.
Joel Mowbray asserts that the MSM badly botched their coverage of the Larry Franklin investigation last fall. He says "almost every story" had a headline or subhead that contained the words "espionage" or "spying." There is some truth in this. Many headlines, especially those in newspapers published abroad, did say that the FBI was investigating... Read More
I mentioned on Monday that the online errata page for my last book had been updated and that I would have more details. Before I get to them, I invite those of you with ample time on your hands to read the entire e-mail exchange in chronological order between retired law professor Peter Irons and... Read More
What's Arianna up to? Scott at SlantPoint snaps the pic. You do the rest. Update: More (animated) fun with Huff from Dan Riehl.
Must-read from Blackfive.
It just doesn't end. Barcepundit has the scoop: Barcepundit notes that the ABC News story has been pulled from its website--without explanation.
Drudge has the siren spinning over Newsweek's refusal to accept reporter Michael Isikoff's resignation. The magazine is making all macho-like in standing up to supposed White House bullying: Is the huffing and puffing really necessary? The magazine still doesn't seem to understand that such self-aggrandizing hype is simply more fuel on the Islamists' fire. The... Read More
Harvard U.'s Larry Summers pays penance for his politically incorrect remarks about women and science: James Joyner
Ankle Biting Pundits reports on the MSNBC host's meltdown over the Newsweek debacle. He's accusing the White House of treason. Olbermann Watch--"reality-based news for the belligerently uninformed," heh--has more. *** Related: Lawrence O'Donnell and liberals unhinged
A small stand against Hanoi Jane: (Via RightNation) *** Previous: Hanoi Jane rides again
The Chicago Tribune discovers a line of man-hating clothing for children of lesbian parents born by artificial insemination. Dawn Eden covered the story--with photos--over a year ago.
Reader M.E. points out: I had forgotten about that cozy arrangement between Kerry and Newsweek. Thanks for the reminder.
Just in from AP: *** More: Veteran journalist Mark Tapscott weighs in. Pakistan wants a probe of the now-retracted allegations of Koran desecration. Ben Johnson at Front Page Magazine writes about
MarketWatch reports: Greedy capitalist swine! This is class war! Where's Paul Krugman's outrage?
Brian Maloney has the scoop. *** Related... Glenn Reynolds writes at "[J]ournalists shouldn't be surprised that so many Americans are questioning their patriotism -- to the extent that they feel there's any question left." Newsweek lied*. People died.
On MSNBC's Don Imus show this morning, Newsweek's Howard Fineman and Jonathan Alter patted themselves and their magazine on the back for their fine demonstration of media accountability...and continued the blame-the-Pentagon meme. Take special note of Fineman's cinematic reference. Howard Fineman: "'We regret that we got any part of our story wrong' is what Mark... Read More
- What was the president of Princeton University doing at an "All-Ivy Drag Competition?" Photo here. - "Blogs, Buzz, and Beyond." A new report on the role blogs play in national politics. - The Return of Hillarycare. David Gratzer blows the whistle. - George Lucas: The Next Michael Moore? More on Lucas' pandering to the... Read More
"We're not saying it absolutely happened but we can't say that it absolutely didn't happen either." -- Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker (Tip of the hat: Daniel G.) Scrappleface spoofs: "In an effort to help in the grieving process, the magazine's publisher said that immediate family members of the dead would receive a free 90-day trial... Read More
See update. Some sharp-eyed bloggers are looking at Sgt. Erik Saar, former Guantanamo Bay interrogator and co-author with Time magazine's Viveca Novak of a tell-all book about alleged abuses called Inside the Wire--just released and being promoted by the Washington Post and everywhere else. See Mudville Gazette and Judicious Asininity for background. Milblogger Greyhawk writes:... Read More
Newsweek lied*. People died. Help save lives: Give Newsweek's editors a clue. E-mail Mark Whitaker ([email protected]) a link to the al Qaeda training manual (via LGF), which teaches terrorists to make exactly the kind of deadly, propagandistic allegations the magazine spread as uncorroborated fact.
Did you know that there's a government-subsidized monument in Baldwin Park, Calif., that contains the following inscriptions: It was better before they came.This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is, and will be again. Read all about the controversy at The Immigration Blog.
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Which superpower is more threatened by its “extractive elites”?
How a Young Syndicate Lawyer from Chicago Earned a Fortune Looting the Property of the Japanese-Americans, then Lived...
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