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The Boom in Faux Blogs
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As I’ve noted before, many (most?) of the 10 million blogs tracked by Technorati are computer-generated (aka “spam blogs”). AdLand notes,

Seems there is a rather large boom in faux blogs lately. I mean blogs that have no real author, but are auto-generated somehow and geared to a very specific topic. I noticed that if we mention anyone famous in a posting here lately, like Paris Hilton, Robbie Willams or Carmen Electra we’ll end up on site dedicated to that ‘star’, like this one….

My guess is that after all the hype about blogging, the belief that starting a blog automatically gains a high google-ranking, and the myth that google-text ads can make you thousands of buckaroos some fly-by-nighters simply had to give it a go. It must be working too, as these blog are now mushrooming all over the place, six months ago you might find a single one, now you find at least ten for every conceivable topic.

Something to keep in mind the next time someone starts blathering about the existence of “10 million blogs.”

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