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The Sanctity of Life and the Culture of Death
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They are not just empty phrases.

– Baby Alexander Locke Johnson, in memoriam. Deepest condolences to the family– via Little Green Footballs.

– Baby Kalea Lynn Allen: She’s 11 ounces, and a fighter

– A baby named Hope

Meanwhile, in the death cult capital of the world, the Netherlands, a new bone-chilling survey has been released. See Many Dutch Doctors Support Euthanasia for Terminally Ill Kids. An excerpt:

A child is suffering terribly from incurable cancer, and both he and his parents request a lethal injection of drugs to put an end to his pain. According to a new survey, up to 60 percent of Dutch pediatricians say they would honor that request, were such a step legal.

In fact, a smaller but significant number of pediatricians — up to 28 percent — said they would be willing to resort to lethal injection in such cases even when parents did not agree with their child’s wish to die.

The survey comes on the heels of the so-called “Groningen protocol,” issued in March by two Dutch physicians who contend that newborns with defects that cause them severe, chronic pain should, in certain cases, be euthanized.

Hugh Hewitt’s must-read piece from December, “Death by Committee,” on the Groningen protocol’s impact beyond Netherlands’ borders is here.

*0725am 5/16. PBS Watch brings a significant error about the Groningen protocol to my attention regarding Hewitt’s piece. See also Captain’s Quarters. Thanks for their vigilance in keeping the facts straight. I will say, though, that the new survey highlights continung grave concerns about the medical establishment’s lack of respect for parental authority in these matters, even if the protocol doesn’t spell out such undermining explicitly.



The culture of death in Belgium

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