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I haven't forgotten this GOP abomination . Neither have a group of young Ohioans who have launched a website and campaign to provide their blubbering U.S. Senator some, uh, emotional support. It's called Console George and they're asking people to send tissues to Sen. Voinovich. Hah! The site will post photos of the tissues you... Read More
President Bush's response to a question about Guantanamo Bay at his press conference this afternoon was woefully inadequate, and not just because he flubbed the word "dissemble." While he rightfully criticized Amnesty International's hyperbolic report on alleged abuses at Gitmo as "absurd," I don't think he defended our detention policies and practices vigorously or articulately... Read More
1044am. Our economy is strong, but we need to work together to make sure we have a prosperous economy...More Americans are working today than ever before. Home ownership is at all-time high... [Lists four agenda items.] 1) Finish work on the energy bill. 2) Federal budget. Spending bills. Reining in mandatory spending. 3) Ratify CAFTA.... Read More
CNN is celebrating its 25th anniversary all week. Here are just a few of the "defining moments" the cable news network won't be toasting: The bogus Operation Tailwind report CNN in bed with Saddam Hussein CNN's Ted Turner mocks his own Catholic employees as "Jesus freaks" CNN-n-Soros Easongate *** Bloggers covering CNN's anniversary events from... Read More
...have banded together to form "The Cotillion." Start here and follow all the links. Update: Bookmark here.
Sometimes, "art" is nothing more than hatred wrapped in vulgarity framed with stupidity hung on a wall. Like many of you, I read the this Drudge-linked story last week describing a vulgar anti-Bush painting that depicted the president getting sodomized by a Saudi over a barrel of oil. There was something missing, though. The online... Read More
...until I read this.
A new state report shows the abortion rate in Wisconsin is at its lowest since the state began tracking abortions in 1974, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Wisconsin was one of the states that professor Glenn Stassen said was experiencing an increase in abortions. He later retracted that claim, but his now-discredited conclusions were echoed... Read More
The Washington Post editorial board likes President Bush's proposal to adjust how Social Security benefits are indexed: Bush unveiled the propsosal more than a month ago. The WaPo's comments are welcome, albeit belated. has set up a moving tribute page to honor service members who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company set up the site free of charge and launched it in March. The Guest Book sections are must read. Well over 19,000 Guest Book entries from readers have been posted since the site... Read More
Frank J. and the crew at IMAO have put together their first podcast (with handy MP3 link for the iPod-less among us). Topics: unnamed sources, Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 review, fun facts about the 50 states, etc. Check 'em out.
AP neglects to mention the party affiliation of Tennessee state senator John Ford, who resigned after being placed under house arrest in an FBI corruption sting. Hint: he ain't a Republican. (This earlier AP story I linked to posted at the NY Times has now rectified the omission.) Update: Ranting Right Wing Howler does a... Read More
Enjoy... - Yet another liberal talk radio show... this time it's Al Sharpton. Brian Maloney provides background and explains why it will fail. - More dismal ratings for Air America in Boston and San Francisco (scroll to end of post). - PoliPundit wonders if John Kerry really signed his SF-180 form. Tempus Fugit says the... Read More
Blackfive: Opening the gates of heaven Mudville Gazette: Sacred words "I want to fight for something" Photo of the day: Maj. Mark Bieger Set a remembrance table
ComScore Media Metrix estimates that Daily Kos had 212,000 unique visitors in April, compared to almost 30 million unique visitors to the New York Times web site. If so, that means had 140 times as many readers as Kos, the most heavily-trafficked political blog. It also suggests that the number of visits at a... Read More
You probably will never see it in any MSM letters section, but you can read it over at Power Line.
No confirmation on the fate of former Clinton fundraiser David Rosen yet, but apparently CNN reporting and Drudge has the bright-red font announcing acquittal. 153pm FOX News now also reporting acquittal. First reports... Los Angeles Times Background at Peter Paul's site, HillCAP. More coverage of the Rosen trial... Prosecutors: Rosen Failed to Report Gifts Rosen... Read More
From Widefield, Colorado, the latest addition to the anti-Bush assassination chic file (hat tip: reader Angela C.): Lighten up? Grow. Up. *** Previous: Assassination Chic: North Korean edition Air America's assassination chic More Democratic assassination humor Unhinged liberal products for sale
Another Republican joins the "maverick" club: Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), the man who defeated Tom Daschle, has announced he will not vote for Bush U.N. ambassador nominee John Bolton. Thune says his opposition is payback for the Pentagon's recommendation to close Ellsworth Air Force Base. Thune now claims that Bolton "is not the best man... Read More
Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz seems to tell Glenn Reynolds that the MSM is paying too little attention to newly disclosed FBI documents that contained the latest Koran-in-the-toilet allegation: Of course, you probably don't know what FBI papers Kurtz is talking about, because, you know, hardly anyone paid attention to them. Kurtz's employer, The... Read More
You probably haven't heard about the new analysis by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, released Thursday, May 19. The study indicates that both the number of abortions in the U.S. and the abortion rate declined in 2001 and 2002: The full study is available here (.pdf file). In the wake of the report's release last week,... Read More
In this morning's coverage of Koran abuse allegations at Gitmo, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, Reuters, and Associated Press all mention in their lead paragraph that the Pentagon found no credible evidence that a guard flushed the Koran down a toilet. The Washington Post, on the other hand, does... Read More
Detainee who claimed American guards flushed a Koran down the toilet at Guantanamo Bay sez: "Never mind." *** Previous: - Guantanamo Bay: the rest of the story - Once more, into the toilet - Newsweek lied*. People died.
So much for "comity." And "getting things done." Vote fails 56-42. 3 Dems sided with GOP: - Landrieu, Nelson, Pryor. 656pm. Sen. Harry Reid on the floor: "We're not here to filibuster Bolton, we're here to get information." 658pm Frist: It certainly sounds like a filibuster. It quacks like a filibuster. It does disappoint me...We... Read More
New developments in the case of murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh via AP (hat tip Tom Pechinski): More background on the Van Gogh murder and the Hofstad network at Stratfor and The Crime Library. *** Previous/related: Remembering Pim Fortuyn Muslims vs. free speech in the Netherlands Russia's 9/11 Russian airline crashes
Hot political story of the day is out of the Volunteer State. Huge FBI corruption sting--dubbed "Operation Tennessee Waltz"--has resulted in the arrest of four state legislators, including the uncle of recently announced Dem U.S. Senate candidate Harold Ford. State legislator John Ford apparently threatened to kill an undercover FBI agent. (Indictments posted in full... Read More
Via AP: The Ankle Biting Pundits have questions.
The latest on the Bolton nomination... - Senator Barbara Boxer is demanding more delay. Background here. - A cloture motion to limit debate on the nomination of Bolton to be the U.S. representative to the United Nations is scheduled for 6pm EST. It will take 60 votes to end the debate, so the Republicans will... Read More
Just in from AP: Reuters adds: ABC News: So, what does Lt. Pantano plan to do? Right now, he's training troops at Camp Lejeune and hopes to return to combat to serve his country. God bless him. No u
Daily Kos and other liberal bloggers are claiming that newly-released FBI documents confirm Newsweek's allegations regarding Koran-flushing (see "FBI: Newsweek was right"). It should be obvious to anyone who so much as glances at the documents being cited that the FBI was reporting the statements of detainees rather than endorsing or validating those allegations. Immediately... Read More
My new column on a just-published children's book called "Rainbow Party" is up. USA Today's coverage of the book--aimed at 14-year-olds--is here. So, what's a rainbow party? Here's the column intro: Here's a rich irony: I'm writing today about a new children's book, but I can't describe the plot in a family newspaper without warning... Read More
BusinessWeek says Congress and the White House are inching toward a compromise on Social Security. Private accounts will not be part of the plan. Instead, the compromise would include (a) reducing the rate of growth in benefits paid to upper-income beneficiaries (as President Bush has suggested) and (b) sharply increasing taxes on upper-income taxpayers (i.e.,... Read More
Scheduled to appear on Fox News Live at 12:30 pm eastern time.
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is shifting his position on abortion, just as George H.W. Bush did prior to the 1980 election: Governor Mitt Romney said this week in a nationally published interview that he is ''in a different place" on abortion than at the time of his first run for public office in Massachusetts, when... Read More
When last we peeked in on the anarchists and anti-war moonbats at Indymedia, they were organizing superglue vandalism across the country. Their new stunt in the works? A national flag burning day. (Hat tip: Indymedia Watch.) See NYC Indymedia and Chicago Indymedia for more details. Wonder which museum will be displaying the desecrated flags as... Read More
Looks like Brooklyn College professor Timothy Shortell is off his meds again: Related: Who's he calling a "moral retard?"
The latest Arbitron ratings (you know, the ones Al Franken says aren't available to the public) show that Air Amerca continues to struggle. Don't worry about Franken though. He has back-up plans. Related entries here.
The claim that Power Line failed to acknowledge the provenance of the Schiavo "GOP Talking Points" memo continues to be made even though it is demonstrably false. Note to Wall Street Journal editors: If you're going to quote someone making an absurd attack on a blog, you might at least publish the blog's correct URL.... Read More
Here's the roll call from this afternoon's vote, 81-18. Gerry Daly sez..."Those who were not signatories for the deal, but who voted for cloture now, deserve mockery."
Oh yeah, there it's poisonous dose from Pulitzer Prize-winning liberal cartoonist David Horsey at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: For balance, recall this. And bookmark embedded reporter Michael Yon's excellent blog.
Lots of readers e-mailing about new reports that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is wounded and possibly dying. Athena at Terrorism Unveiled writes: An al-Qa'ida website posted today that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been wounded and asked for Muslims to pray for his recovery. Just about a week ago, however, there was a report by an Iraqi... Read More
During an interview yesterday with Boston Globe editorial writers and columnists, John Kerry said he signed Form SF 180. The form will be sent to the U.S. Navy within the next few days. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi writes: Last summer, "Unfit for Command" author J
As if the story weren't horrible enough: The teenage monster accused of raping and burying that 8-year-old girl in Florida who was found alive in a landfill was here illegally. Despite numerous arrests for burglary and vandalism, no action was taken to deport him. According to the Palm Beach Post: Two years ago, [Milagro] Cunningham's... Read More
Looks like federal prosecutors are ratcheting up the case against Larry Franklin. Prosecutors are expected to file new charges related to the classified documents allegedly found at Franklin's West Virginia home, according to the New York Times.
As I've noted before, many (most?) of the 10 million blogs tracked by Technorati are computer-generated (aka "spam blogs"). AdLand notes, Something to keep in mind the next time someone starts blathering about the existence of "10 million blogs."
Thanks to reader/blogger Greg Martin for sending this graphic that says it all: *** Related: - Breaking: Filibuster compromise - Patterico makes a pledge - Round-ups: Joe Gandelman, Pardon My English, Conservative Outpost - More Photoshop-inion from Slublog: Frist as Chamberlain. - Captain Ed's sober deconstruction of the deal and a vow: "Not One Dime... Read More
Press conference about to begin...Sen McCain et al. Sen. McCain: We are here, 14 Republicans and Democrats, to announce we have reached an agreement to try and avert a crisis...and pull the Senate back from the precipice..grateful for efforts of Sen. Frist and Sen. Reid...[singles out Sen. Byrd and Sen. Warner] vital to this process.... Read More
Via AP with a hat tip to Daly Thoughts: *** Related: Franken bombs at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press' 35th anniversary dinner.
They're rolling out the cots for an all-night debate in the Senate tonight on the nomination of Priscilla Owen. More on the non-slumber party preparations here. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has arranged to deliver a 90-second nationally televised pitch sometime this evening. The lefties are gearing up over at The Daily Kos. On the... Read More
Meet Timothy Shortell, Brooklyn College's recently-elected chairman of the school's sociology department: Shortell received 7 out of 12 faculty votes to secure his new position, despite (or perhaps because of) crackpot online rants comparing Karl Rove to Joseph Goebbels and attacking religious people as "moral retards." It says something that students are more outraged at... Read More
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed?
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings