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The bitter, twisted, unfunny skit on Saturday Night Live that’s mentioned on the Drudge Report this morning can be viewed here. In addition to cruelly mocking Rush Limbaugh, the cartoon (titled “Blue Christmas”) shows Santa and Rudolph skipping over the Red States (referred to on a map as Dumbf*ckistan), commiserating at a Chinese restaurant with Al Franken, Natalie Merchant, Moby, and Margaret Cho, and then taunting a little girl as a religious bigot for believing in God.

There’s the liberal holiday spirit for you. Pathetic losers.

Update: Some readers are rapping me for not getting it. Here’s a sample:

I just viewed the SNL clip you referred to. I think you are missing the point. The cartoon is (to me) a fairly obvious knock at liberals who excoriate red staters. The only actual anti-conservative bit is the poke at Rush Limbaugh’s drug use which, if valid, is a fair attack on an aspect of his life about which he used to be hypocritical. I laughed out loud at the video, and view it in the same genre/style/political approach as Team America by the South Park guys. South Park-style humor is not for everyone, and many just don’t “get it” because the grossness and intentionally over the top nature of the jokes turn them off. That’s okay. But trust me, the SNL piece was not an anti-liberal thing; it was just a South Park thing.

Here’s another e-mail from a “radical, right-wing, conservative Baptist deacon:”

Loved the video! Here we have all the liberals shown as bigots being brought to task by an innocent little girl who obviously shows more intelligence and insight than any one of them. And, Al Franken shows that his behavior is driven by the Brookings Institution! After the election, the liberal breakdown still brings happy tears to my eyes!

Cheap shot on Rush but, typical of satire. I don’t know how I would have made it through the Clinton years without it…

And Ace of Spades, one of my favorite bloggers, says to ignore the whole thing.

He’s got a point.

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