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The Forgotten Internees of World War ii
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In today’s Japan Times (scroll down to the fourth letter), former World War II internee Ebhard E. Fuhr writes about the efforts of three U.S. activists to raise awareness about Japanese-Latin Americans who were interned in the United States during World War II:

While Japanese have been compensated to some extent for their internment, none of us (Germans) has received a cent. My family completely lost its home, and all its contents to looters and pillagers. I hope that, at least this time, the Japanese groups pursuing compensation support similar compensation for Germans from Latin America who were interned with them in Crystal City.

The article that prompted Fuhr’s letter is available online here. More information about the forgotten European internees of WW II here. And, courtesy of former internee Arthur Jacobs, here is a photo of the Crystal City band:

Boyz Band.jpg

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