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My column today examines the outrageous case of two-year-old Bradley McGee and warns about the potential fate of his half-brother, Billy, in the hands of his mother in name only, Sheryl Hardy. She was convicted of second-degree murder and aggravated child abuse for the torture and killing of Bradley 15 years ago. The Illinois Supreme... Read More
Hey, everyone! Sorry for the non-blogging. Been on the road since last week. Spoke in Detroit and Boca Raton at the Restoration Weekend, and have been on the National Review cruise with my family since Saturday. Lots of cool celebrities on board, but even more readers and bloggers. Met Spoons and his wife (from... Read More
By now most of my readers have seen the picture of the young illegal immigrant girl who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border while hiding inside a piñata. You may not have heard that the two smugglers responsible for this will not be prosecuted. "The arrests of individuals smuggling people far exceeds the ability to prosecute all... Read More
Reader Jose Canas asks what happened to the Marine featured on my web site a few days ago. Answer: He wants more Marlboros, but otherwise is fine. More information here. OohRah!
The New York Times editorial board is happy because cardiologists are paying attention to racial differences in responses to pharmacological treatments. The Times encourages the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve a drug aimed at a single racial group--something the FDA has never done before. Fair enough. Naturally, the Times can't leave its readers... Read More
"Jury Finds Scott Peterson Guilty of Wife's Murder," reads this morning's New York Times headline. In truth, as the body of the Times article points out, the jury found Peterson guilty for the double homicide of both Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner. California is one of 31 states that protect unborn victims from... Read More
Four years ago, the world watched as election officials scrutinized hanging chads in Florida. Now residents in Washington State, where the outcome of the super-close gubernatorial election is still in doubt, are getting their own taste of election drama. The Post-Intelligencer reports: It's worth recalling former Senator Slade Gorton's gracious concession four years ago to... Read More
A reader named Marc informs me that "right now the most needed item[s] by our troops are phone cards." Those who would like to give a prepaid calling card to a member of our armed forces can do so online by going to the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, the Navy Exchange Service Command,... Read More
In response to an e-mail from Truth Laid Bear 's N.Z. Bear, the New York Times ran a correction earlier this week. Apparently, the Times had confused the number of unique visitors at Daily Kos with the number of visits. The correction read as follows: Today, New York Times reporter Tom Zeller writes, "as visitors... Read More
Most of my readers will remember Republican Bruce Herschensohn, a wonderful conservative commentator, who narrowly lost a Senate race to Democrat Barbara Boxer in 1992. Herschensohn's campaign was derailed a few days before the election when it was reported that he had visited strip clubs and viewed pornographic materials. The allegations were the central focus... Read More
A plan to teach British youngsters the art of pole dancing has been canceled after an outcry from child welfare groups. The FReepers are all over the story. (Unfortunately, Buckhead has not yet weighed in.) Update: Reader Greg Lawrence forwarded me a link that contained this cartoon. The artwork was done by "Mrs. R," creator/webmaster... Read More
Steve Sailer destroys the 44% myth once and for all here.
Gaston Serrato of Rowland Heights writes the Los Angeles Times in response to this editorial: Jonah Goldberg made the same point a few months ago ("In war on terror, Geneva Convention doesn't apply"). I'm not a big fan of Gonzales, but the Times' suggestion that suspected terrorsts captured in Afghanistan are covered by the Geneva... Read More
Love the cover of today's NY Post... ...God bless them all!
According to this article, White House counsel Alberto Gonzales is the leading candidate to replace John Ashcroft as Attorney General. This column by Robert Novak, written in January 2003, suggests that Gonzales is no friend of conservatives. An excerpt: Update: Over at The Corner, Roger Clegg writes: The problem with Al Gonzales as AG is... Read More
Several readers have sent me this ranking of states by IQ, purporting to show that people in red states are dumber, on average, than people in blue states. Like a lot of what the Democrats have spewed this election cycle, the IQ chart--pushed most prominently by Bush-hater Howard Stern--is a hoax. The Generosity Index, compiled... Read More
My column today compares the MSM's love affair with Democrat Barack Obama with its apathy (at best) and bias against (at worst) minority Republican politicians. An excerpt: Here are a few mainstream media rules of thumb: Minority Democrats in public office are inspirational role models. Minority Republicans in public office are embarrassing sellouts. Minority Democrat... Read More
Belgium's top court has banned the Vlaams Blok. Flemish historian/journalist Paul Belien has analysis here. Last week, Belien wrote about the murder of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh.
Shortly after I posted this two weeks ago, Slate issued the following correction: This correction leaves much to be desired. First, Slate is wrong when it describes the authors' error as an "overstatement." It was an error, not an overstatement. Slate itself concedes as much when it notes later in its correction that "there have... Read More
According to this morning's Washington Post, several previously-undecided DC council members have thrown their support to Mayor Anthony Williams' plan to build a publicly-subsidized baseball palace. Their sudden change of heart was prompted by Williams' promise to give them dubious pork barrel projects. Don't worry, most of the payola will go to DC's neediest constituents.... Read More
We got good news and bad news from the San Diego Union Tribune this morning. The good news: Immigration authorities have detained 45 gang members in San Diego during the past five weeks and plan to deport them. The bad news: Almost half of those arrested had previously been deported after serving prison terms. Their... Read More
Enemy resistance in Fallujah is beginning to crumble. U.S. forces now control 70 percent of the city. Belmont Club is on top of the latest developments. Update: More on Fallujah at Brain Shavings and The Adventures of Chester.
John Ashcroft has resigned. He was the most underappreciated, most maligned, most ridiculed, and most demonized member of the Bush cabinet. He endured a brutal, vicious nomination process. After 9/11, he was damned for doing his job too aggressively, and damned for not doing his job aggressively enough. He withstood the secular Left's assaults on... Read More
The sounds of these two Marines singing in Fallujah will stir your souls... will this story of two Marine snipers, childhood friends, who were killed in action together during their second tour of duty in Iraq.
I was a bit of a gaming geek many, many, many years ago before career & children & meeting mortgage payments took over. Was addicted to King's Quest and one of the biggest thrills during my stint in Seattle was meeting Sierra On-line co-founder Ken Williams, husband of KQ pioneer Roberta, when he launched a... Read More
You know that story about the man who committed suicide at the World Trade Center because he was distraught over the election results? Not true. Still unanswered, as noted in the NY Daily News: How did a shotgun-toting man slip unnoticed into the guarded area [at Ground Zero]- a solemn tourist destination that is also... Read More
TSA wants to know: Have you seen a stray Piper PA 25 Pawnee crop-dusting aircraft? It was stolen last week in Mexico. "Although there is currently no indication that this has any connection to terrorist activity," the TSA said, "the theft is cause for concern. Past information indicates that members of al-Qa'ida may have planned... Read More
Regarding Barbra Streisand's blog blunder, three quick points: 1) Hasn't one of her P.C. friends told her yet that it isn't fashionable to be quoting from correspondence between two dead white slave owners? 2) Couldn't she at least have given credit to Elizabeth Edwards, who posted the quote as consolation at the Democratic Underground on... Read More
As I noted a few days ago, exit polls showing that 44 percent of Hispanics voted for Bush last week are flawed. This Steve Sailer column and this Houston Chronicle article have the details. Despite the clear imperfections with the exit poll data, many post-election analyses cite the 44 percent figure as if there is... Read More
From Denver's 7NEWS, a disturbing homeland insecurity report: More from the AP here, which ends with this not-so-funny paragraph: Bob Fridlund, a plant manager for Mountain West Printing, said police did not seem concerned when he reported the theft of seven propane cylinders. "I said 'What are these people doing with these bottles? Are they... Read More
John at Castle Argghhh! has fun comparing the success of "The Incredibles" with the failure of "Alfie," which is causing no small amount of indigestion among some Hollywood liberals. Related: Four thumbs up for the Incredibles at NRO from Rod Dreher and Frederica Mathews-Greene.
As the battle in Fallujah unfolds, the following dispatch from Centcom is worth keeping in mind. The "insurgents"--the Islamofascist killers--will stop at nothing to sabotage democracy in Iraq, including targeting innocent Iraqi children: November 5, 2004 Release Number: 04-11-12 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INSURGENTS TARGET CHILDREN OF RAMADI CAMP RAMADI, Iraq -- An Army unit assigned... Read More
Over the weekend, Maureen Dowd demonstrated just how out of touch the MSM is with political reality in her column attacking Karl Rove. She cast him as a disgruntled nerd, avenging his Kennedy-era high school grievances against liberals by pandering aggressively to backward evangelicals in support of President Bush. The truth? It's much, much closer... Read More
I'm scheduled to be on Fox News this morning around 6:50 am to talk about turnout myths and the youth vote.
Captain's Quarters has a thought-provoking post today discussing the failure of campaign finance reform to reduce the role of money in politics ("Campaign Finance Reform Lays A Very Expensive Egg"). "You can't write legislation for every loophole that opens up," said Sen. John McCain in a New York Times post-mortem that inspired Captain's Quarters' post.... Read More
In today's New York Times, columnist Bob Herbert argues that President Bush won last week because the American people are ignorant. He suggests in passing that Kerry could have won if only more people (presumably less ignorant people) had voted: I hope other bloggers will dissect his claims about voter ignorance. As for blaming low... Read More
Today's WaPo editorial: So, health insurers and PBMs might find it necessary to get involved in controlling health care costs. Um, haven't they already been trying to do that for the past decade or two? The Los Angeles Times also has an editorial today bemoaning the rapid increase in health care costs ("Taming a Healthcare... Read More
So, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd writes that America is heading back to the Dark Ages, as the Bush Administration rushes to replace science with religion: That comment about leeches is supposed to be a snort line at the expense of us religious Neanderthals. But the joke is on Dowd. The hard science bureaucrats... Read More
About six weeks ago, I criticized an LA Times op-ed for understating the degree of mobility in the blogosphere. A quick look at Truth Laid Bear's latest traffic rankings confirms my argument. Today there are a dozen sites averaging more than 100,000 visits per day, including rising stars like MyDD and Polipundit. My internal traffic... Read More
More than two weeks without a post. We miss you. Come back soon.
Those of you interested in affirmative action won't want to miss Rick Sander's forthcoming article in the Stanford Law Review. For the next several days, Sander will be blogging about his article at Eugene Volokh's site.
I'm sorry I didn't see Gilbert Meilaender's excellent New Atlantis article on embryonic stem cell research before Election Day. Meilaender, a member of the President's Commission on Bioethics, was one of my professors at Oberlin College in the late 1980s. As Meilaender argues, the advocates of embyronic stem cell research, such as Ron Reagan, do... Read More
Looks like all those front-page stories hailing baseball's return to Washington DC were a bit premature. The plan may still go through, but with the defection of city council Chairman Linda W. Cropp, it's no longer the sure thing that many here assumed. According to the Washington Post, Mayor Anthony Williams and Cropp "each have... Read More
Many pundits have been trumpeting President Bush's success among Hispanics as one of the keys to his victory last week. Dick Morris, for example, wrote in the New York Post: The theme has been echoed by many in the blogosphere, including Red State, LatinoPundit, and Asymmetrial Information. But Steve Sailer, who has analyzed Hispanic voting... Read More
Thanks to Brain Shavings for introducing me through his blog to U.S. Marine Dave Bellon, who is posting letters to his dad from Fallujah online. Here's an excerpt from his latest dispatch, dated Nov. 3: Dear Dad - As you have no doubt been watching, we have had our hands full around Fallujah. It would... Read More
AP: Bush, Kerry Voters Differ on View of U.S.
From the AP: BEIRUT, Lebanon - Prominent Saudi religious scholars urged Iraqis to support militants waging holy war against the U.S.-led coalition forces as American troops prepared Saturday for a major assault on the insurgent hotbed of Fallujah. Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch has more. Donald Sensing adds:
Newsweek reports on the behind-the-scene mutterings of John Kerry: Believe it, now, smarty-pants. Okay. Back to "healing."
Created by the American Leftist As you've all seen, Michael Moore has made his post-election "statement" on his website by publishing a photo mosaic of President Bush's face, formed with the images of fallen American soldiers. The mosaic was created by the blogger American Leftist earlier this spring (would have been nice for Moore to... Read More
My column is about the now-thoroughly-discredited myth that higher turnout benefits Democrats. Here's the intro: Here's the conclusion: Read the whole thi
The JFK Assassination and the 9/11 Attacks?
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.