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Next week, Rep. John Dingell will receive a “Distinguished Citizen Award” from the Detroit area Boy Scouts.

Yet, just nine days ago, Dingell–along with fellow Dems Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Lynn Woolsey of California–voted against a resolution commending the Boy Scouts and condemning legal efforts to limit government ties to the group because of its requirement that members believe in God.

Chris Lilek asks:

You wouldn’t expect the National Rifle Association to give Rosie O’Donnell an award, or Planned Parenthood to give Senator Tom Coburn an award. Likewise, why the heck would the Scouts give a distinguished accolade to 1 of only 3 Congressmen who voted against a fairly straightforward pro-scouting measure?

Good question. Contact information for the Detroit Area Boy Scouts Council is here.

(Hat tip:’s C-log)

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