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Most Charitable States--Red or Blue?
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Several readers have sent me this ranking of states by IQ, purporting to show that people in red states are dumber, on average, than people in blue states. Like a lot of what the Democrats have spewed this election cycle, the IQ chart–pushed most prominently by Bush-hater Howard Stern–is a hoax.

The Generosity Index, compiled by The Catalogue For Philanthropy, is for real. It is computed by taking each state’s average income and average charitable contribution, then subtracting the second rank from the first to get a single number for each state.

I’ve adapted the table to show the 2004 presidential election results, by state, ranked by generosity. (Click here for the table in MS Word format; if anyone can convert the table into a jpeg, please let me know.) Many thanks to reader Richard Davis, who alerted me to The Generosity Index and came up with the title of this post.

Update: Thanks to David Schmitt and other readers, I’m now able to post the Generosity table as a jpeg:


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