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Regarding Barbra Streisand’s blog blunder, three quick points:

1) Hasn’t one of her P.C. friends told her yet that it isn’t fashionable to be quoting from correspondence between two dead white slave owners?

2) Couldn’t she at least have given credit to Elizabeth Edwards, who posted the quote as consolation at the Democratic Underground on Nov. 5? (Hat tip: Pundit Guy)

3) Wouldn’t it have helped to have actually read the entire letter

before excerpting it? In Babs’ case, probably not.

Update: Blogosphere’s already having a field day following Drudge’s big link to Streisand’s blog. Here’s a sample:

Intermittent Stream…”If Babs knew a damn thing about America (or, in fact, anything at all) she’d know enough not to invoke one of Jefferson’s fits of temper against Federalism, financial institutions, commerce and the Industrial Revolution to support the view that Democrats just had a bad day and that they really don’t need to structurally reform their party. Don’t worry, just wait and in time the majority will come around to leftist views. Um, right. You know what your problem is Babs? You’re stupid and your agent really ought not allow you to speak.”

Blaster’s Blog…Streisand Dowdifies Jefferson

Nashville Files…Do a little more research before you invoke the founding fathers. You’d find that they were a bunch of right wing wackos compared to today’s conservatives. If you really want to invoke Jefferson, then let’s do that. ūüôā

Update II: Just a reminder of Babs’ last quotation fiasco in which she cited a bogus Shakespeare passage to bolster her anti-war views and was forced to respond to Drudge’s debunking.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Barbra Streisand, Democratic Underground