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Stupid Gop vs. John & Ken
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I had the privilege of meeting KFI’s John & Ken in studio in Los Angeles a few months ago during my book tour. Ken’s on the left; John’s on the right. They’re everything talk radio hosts should be: funny, fearless, smart, and deeply engaged in local issues. They take talking points from no one. They’re brutal interviewers. They’re non-partisan. And they don’t let up.

Conservatives in California welcomed their help during the Three Strikes initiative campaign years ago. But now, Republicans have filed a free speech-squelching complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, charging the pair with “criminal behavior” for criticizing GOP Rep. David Dreier over his open-borders immigration stance. (The full complaint is posted at John and Ken’s website.)

Stupid, stupid, hypocritical, stupid, stupid move. Did I mention how STUPID this complaint is? Weren’t Republicans just protesting over the Democrats’ attempt to pull the same stunt with Sinclair over its broadcast of part of Stolen Honor?

The stupid Republicans who filed the complaint also overlooked the fact that John and Ken have targeted not only Dreier, but also Democrat Joe Baca over his pro-illegal immigration record.

All radio talk show hosts blab and bloviate about national security, safe borders, and political accountability. Few can actually scare weasel politicians into doing something about it. John and Ken have done just that. And now Republicans are whining about it and looking to government bureaucrats to protect them.

How truly pathetic. And stupid.

Update: Xrlq sends a reminder…

No need to go all the way back to 1994 for an example of conservatives in California welcoming John & Ken’s help. Those two were a Godsend during the recall just last year.

Update II: Neal Boortz was thinking the same thing!

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