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Teresa's Disgrace & Laura's Grace
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Well, Teresa Heinz Kerry’s subdued act didn’t last long did it? By now, you’ve all read Her Highness’s condescending remarks about our First Lady Laura Bush. Teresa’s boneheaded ““apology” was even worse than the initial comments. Teresa managed to snub not only millions of teachers and librarians and Mrs. Bush’s 22 years of work as a mother, but also the hard work and dedication of all stay-at-home parents (moms AND dads).

Unbelievable! Will the Dems claim that this is a Karl Rove Dirty Trick, too?

Classy as ever, the First Lady said there was no need to apologize, that she had not taken offense, and that it isn’t easy on the campaign trail. Throughout this election season, Mrs. Bush has shown nothing but dignity and good humor. She has been mocked as a Stepford Wife by the Left. Her intellect has been derided by the likes of Maureen Dowd and Bill Maher. She has stood by her husband and her country and demonstrated an unparalleled graciousness that the totally unhinged Teresa Heinz Kerry cannot buy and will never have.

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