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Watching John Kerry do his John Wayne imitation is like watching Matt Lauer parade around in his Paris Hilton costume. You don't know whether to laugh or shudder at the sight. But one thing's certain: It's absolutely hideous. Let's brace ourselves and take a closer look at Kerry in rhetorical disguise on Friday: The only... Read More
Via Blackfive, who has contact/donation information for the soldier's family here: Keep him in your prayers. Update: Via the Patriette, here is more contact info, details, and a Paypal link for donations. Cards, Letters, or any thing else someone would like to be sent to Joey, can be sent to the following address until November... Read More
...and it's bound to get ugly somewhere on Nov. 2. Michael Moore says a total of 1,200 professional and nonprofessional cameramen, filmmakers and videographers will bring their cameras to polling places in Ohio and Florida to prevent "intimidation." Moorewatch notes that "Moore himself is BLATANTLY trying to intimidate people with this ploy," and has issued... Read More
Lots of readers have sent me a link to the vile Halloween costumes for kids featured this week at The Stranger, Seattle's alternative newspaper. If you really, really want to spoil your weekend, go ahead and click. Making fun of Nancy Reagan in mourning? Making light of shoebomber Richard Reid? Ridiculing hostages about to be... Read More
Busy this morning transforming my daughter into Sleeping Beauty in time for her preschool Halloween party. Back later. Meantime, check Powerline and The Truth Laid Bear for al Qa Qaa updates. Also, Andrew McCarthy on Our Troops vs. Kerry's Global Test and Clint Taylor's excellent piece, which asks: Why won't he fight terrorists as hard... Read More
The Rawhide ticket or the Aqua Net boys? You decide.
377 tons... 3 tons... What's the difference? CYA Update: WaPo's Howard Kurtz writes, Elsewhere in the interview, Keller blames his paper's overly hasty reporting on--guess who?--bloggers. Update: Elsewhere in the Times, Tom Brokaw curses those damned bloggers again over Rathergate. When "60 Minutes" reported on documents purporting to show Mr. Bush received preferential treatment in... Read More
In 2000, Al Gore carried New Jersey by 16 points. Now Bush and Kerry are dead even, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll. Update: An LA Times poll shows Bush up by 8(!) in Florida, down by 6 in Ohio, and even in Pennsylvania. If Bush takes Florida and holds on to Bush-leaning states,... Read More
Robert Weisberg, a professor at Stanford Law School, and his colleague David Mills, a lecturer at Stanford Law School, write in a Slate op-ed ("The Case Against John Ashcroft: Why don't Democrats condemn the disastrous attorney general?"): The piece they link to, authored by Georgetown Law professor David Cole for The Nation, begins with the... Read More
If you have read Bill Gertz's excellent new book, Treachery, then his latest bombshell in the Washington Times about a Russian link to the missing Iraqi weapons cache is absolutely unsurprising. Article excerpt: In his must-read book, Gertz reports in greater detail about Russia's extensive business dealings, intelligence-sharing, and weapons sales with the Hussein regime.... Read More
John Little at Blogs of War observes that the AP is already rehearsing its teary-eyed eulogy for Yasser Arafat. Not even a mention of Black September, John notes. Here's some of the other biographical info they won't be printing... Blood-spattered "peace" activism Arafat's culture of death Arafat: Terrorism, Corruption, & Crime Arafat group sells bombers... Read More
The Drudge scoop today points to alleged American al Qaeda Adam Gadahn. Here are some handy background links: -The FBI bulletin. -Gadahn's Muslim manifesto posted on a USC website. -Debbie Schlussel's report on Gadahn's radical imam. -More on the Islamic Society of Orange County at Little Green Footballs. -Blogger Jon at Right Side Redux did... Read More
Man Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Run Over Katherine Harris Update: MommyPundit asks, "Are Conservative Women Fair Game?"
Mallard Fillmore imagines Nov. 3... Yikes. (Hat tip: McGehee)
Just got off a radio interview with my friends Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan at KSFO. Check out the WMD ads that Melanie's group, Move America Forward, is running here.
Column is up. Here's the intro: Rest is here. Update: On a related note, The Sundries Shack rips apart a Washington Post open borders sob
The Bush campaign asserts that John Kerry's health care plan amounts to a "government takeover" of health care. Medpundit agrees. Please. Kerry's plan does increase the role of the federal government in health care. It is not unfair to describe it as "creeping socialism" in the market for health insurance. But as pointed out here,... Read More
Kate at Electric Venom says: still trying to flog the Bush National Guard story? This article was posted just a few minutes ago. And, of course, no mention of John Kerry's unsigned SF-180 (or this little debacle) to balance the non-story out.
If you haven't already seen them, connect the dots here and here and here and here. Much more at Chad Evans' blog and Wizbang.
Andrea Peyser exposes how NYC cab drives who are pro-Bush, pro-troops have been fined(!!!) for expressing their views. No press release from the free speech champions at the ACLU yet... Update: Mary Katherine Ham at Townhall's C-log relates her experience in D.C. with some less Bush-friendly cabbies: And Elizabeth Fisher at the Corner notes that... Read More
A reader sends along the tragic obituary of an Army civilian analyst whose wife died at the Pentagon on 9/11: Foster sank into depression, tried to commit suicide on his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and attempted to rebuild his life by moving away from Washington and launching a college scholarship fund in his wife's memory. Mr.... Read More
By now, you've all read about the MSM's attempted October Surprise, NBC's revelation undermining the missing cache story (via Kerry Spot, Drudge, and others), and the extensive blog coverage on the left and right (good sample here, here, and here). See also this incisive Wall Street Journal editorial, published today (but apparently written before the... Read More
So, Pat Buchanan--substituting for Joe Scarborough again on MSNBC--read a prepared statement tonight regarding Lawrence O'Donnell's abominable behavior toward John O'Neill last week. "Lawrence O'Donnell is and has been a valued contributor," Buchanan said, however he "crossed the line" and was "disrespectful to you the viewer." What about how he behaved toward O'Neill?!? Not a... Read More
The transcript is up. Here is a small taste. It doesn't do justice at all to the screamfest that took place, but you'll get the idea if you imagine O'Donnell chopping at the air with a rhetorical hatchet a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining: O'DONNELL: ...You know the truth is what got them out... Read More
Arthur Chrenkoff spots a telling case of Kerrypocrisy: Check in at Chrenkoff's for the details.
Medpundit writes: I'm guessing Medpundit doesn't practice in Montgomery County, Maryland. Around here, office visits cost around $100. Update: Lots of interesting feedback from readers on this, including a doctor who writes: Saw your note on doctor office visits. The $100 you quote is that billed to insurance, the $50-$60 is the amount actually paid... Read More
This weekend the story was Kerry's lies about what he did as an anti-war activist following the Vietnam war. Last night it was Kerry's lie about meeting all the members of the U.N. Security Council. This morning I mentioned Kerry's alarmist claim that 95 percent of cargo coming into the U.S. is uninspected. Now Robert... Read More
According to Drudge, John Kerry repeats an oft-used line in an interview with Katie Couric today to show he's tough on homeland security: Kerry and his minions use the line over and over and over again. But as the AP and others have noted, Kerry's claim ignores that the manifests of all U.S.-bound cargo are... Read More
The San Francisco Chronicle has a morbid story on the latest in gangsta fashion.
Joel Mowbray has the scoop on John Kerry's fable about meeting with United Nations ambassadors before the October 2002 vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq: U.N. ambassadors from several nations are disputing assertions by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry that he met for hours with all members of the U.N. Security... Read More
Catching up on my blogroll reading, there's a disturbing report from Julie at Drink This about her personal experience with voter fraud at the polls in Los Angeles. She's looking for advice on how to deal with an apparent thief who used her name to register as a Democrat. The story is here. *** Also,... Read More
The gentlemen of Power Line are absolutely right: What happened to Ann Coulter last week was not funny. Leftists greeted the news that two men attacked her during a University of Arizona college speaking event with glee, ridicule, and misogynist gloating. (Dan Flynn notes that this isn't the first time Coulter has been physically attacked.)... Read More
Thanks to everyone who sent along birthday wishes and pumpkin pie recipes last week! We tried one with fresh pumpkin--using 1 medium sugar pumpkin--and another with canned pumpkin: I preferred the taste of the canned pumpkin pie, but you can't get into the spirit of the season without going through the ritual of scraping out... Read More
Thanks to David M for pointing out a rotten link in my Lawrence O'Donnell post. Apparently, the blogger at "Dave's Blurbs" has a rude habit of filching other people's blog entries and passing them off as his own. That's not blogging. That's plagiarism. Knock it off. Update: The fake blogger's site has been taken down.
John Kerry has been using the supposedly tragic plight of Lori Sheldon, a Pennsylvania mother of two daughters, to show us all how heartless and cruel the Bush administration has been to working families. Get out your hankies. Not. The New York Times reports: Actually, most parents, myself included, don't say no to our kids... Read More
Better late than never, I guess.
Mommypundit has some invaluable insights on why Kerry is a dawg.
There isn't one. The New York Times reports:
Policymakers on both sides of the aisle are buzzing about the latest idea to expand the federal government's role in health insurance (New York Times, "Momentum Builds for U.S. Role in Paying Highest Health Costs"). Evidently, there is an emerging consensus among Beltway health policymakers that it's not enough that the feds provide or subsidize... Read More
Something unbelievable just went down on MSNBC's Scarborough Country. Lawrence O'Donnell screamed at John O'Neill for two segments as substitute host Pat Buchanan hopelessly tried to moderate. O'Donnell interrupted O'Neill every few seconds, repeatedly called the Vietnam veteran a "liar" and a "creep," and sneered, scowled, and shouted at the top of his lungs about... Read More
Here's an article about the millions of Australians who were given a contaminated polio vaccine in the late 1950s and early 1960s ("Millions given infected polio vaccine"): The contaminated vaccines were dispensed in many other countries, including the U.S. For those interested in more information, this book looks interesting. In the vaccine business, contamination problems... Read More
There's a new report quoting a Honduras homeland security official blowing the whistle on al Qaeda recruitment of Central American gang members, who can easily slip through our southern border. Oscar Alvarez's critics say he's concocting the threat to justify tough crackdowns on gangs and smugglers. But as the article notes: More on the South... Read More
More foreign support for John Kerry, this time an apparent endorsement from the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah. He just keeps racking them up. Update: Godless Americans give Kerry the thumbs up. (Someone tell me this is a joke!)
^&*$%#@$%^#! Sorry for the spleen-venting so early in the morning, but read this from the AP, headlined "Bush wants intelligence bill free of immigration provisions:" The White House yesterday asked Congress to reject an attempt in the House to place illegal-immigration measures in an intelligence reform bill. The Bush administration wants "an effective bill that... Read More
In a last-ditch bid for battleground votes, John Kerry got a hunting makeover. Here's the AP photo of his goose hunting trip in Ohio hot off the presses: He wisely ditched the bright orange vest... ...and the one-eyed stance... But gun owners and outdoorsmen in Ohio still aren't buying it. "I like my guns, and... Read More
"I will bring my faith with me to the White House and it will guide me." -- John F. Kerry, Oct. 20, Xenia, Ohio Where are the church-state separatists now?
In the Washington Post:
Well, Teresa Heinz Kerry's subdued act didn't last long did it? By now, you've all read Her Highness's condescending remarks about our First Lady Laura Bush. Teresa's boneheaded ""apology" was even worse than the initial comments. Teresa managed to snub not only millions of teachers and librarians and Mrs. Bush's 22 years of work as... Read More
John and Ken of KFI radio in Los Angeles have posted an op-ed by Rep. David Drier on their web site in which Drier states, As Lonewacko observes, this is complete nonsense. The fact is matricula consular cards are widely available to illegal immigrants. VDARE columnist Allan Wall explains, No doubt that the Mexican consular... Read More