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Toddler Terrorists-In-Training
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An outrageous Jihadi kiddie show that brainwashed Muslim youths about the glories of “martyrdom” is airing again on Palestinian Authority TV. The clip was yanked after a U.S. Senate hearing last year exposed the despicable broadcast. (The PA has received some $1.2 billion in State Department funding/foreign aid from the U.S. over the past decade.) View the chilling video here. According to Israel National News:

The clip has been aired repeatedly in recent weeks after being taken off the air over a year ago following widespread outrage.

At a US Senate Hearing in October 2003, Director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) Itamar Marcus displayed extensive documentary evidence that the PA was indoctrinating children to aspire to heroic death as “Shahids” (martyrs for Allah).

Since then, many PA TV clips that encouraged children to seek martyrdom through involvement with terrorism were removed. The removal was ostensibly due to the inability of the PA representative at the Senate hearing to defend the practice, accompanied by extensive outrage from both the print and TV media.

One such clip, which presented a child’s death in combat as “sweet,” because it was Death for Allah (Shahada), was aired regularly up to the period of condemnations following the October, 2003 Senate hearings.

The clip was taken out of PA TV’s rotation and was not aired for almost a year. Suddenly, according to PMW, the clip is being broadcast again — at least three times in the last two weeks.

The segment, known as thee “Farewell Letter” clip, features an Arab child writing a farewell letter to his parents, glorifying his desire to die. The child then goes out to the combat zone, where he is shot and achieves his death wish. As he falls in death, the words of his letter are sung twice: “How sweet is Shahada (Death for Allah) when I embrace you, my land.”

“The revival of this clip now may be an indication that the PA, after having its image blackened due to its involvement in suicide terror, wants to portray itself as the victim by having large numbers of dead and injured children to report to the press,” says Itamar Marcus…

Full lyrics in the child’s letter are here. More examples of PA TV’s Islamofascist indoctrination are here. My take on Kiddie Suicide Bomber Chic from a few years ago is here. Excerpt:

Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, famous for their clamorous advocacy of children’s rights, stand by silently as Palestine and its sympathizers indoctrinate their youth in the glories of self-destruction. We hear about the evils of child labor in Indian sweatshops and the cruelty of conscripting child soldiers in Sierra Leone. But nothing of the Palestinian barbarians who revel in turning their toddlers and teens into nitroglycerine-wrapped killing machines. These are the ultimate child abusers, willing to sacrifice their own flesh and blood to satisfy a state craving for vengeance while cashing in on financial incentives offered by terrorist insurers.

Listen to the father of a 20-something bomber who killed 21 Israelis at a Tel Aviv discotheque last summer: “I am very happy and proud of what my son did and, frankly, am a bit jealous … I wish I had done it myself.” Listen to the Palestinian Broadcasting Corp., where toddlers recite bloodthirsty verses on Sesame Street-like programs: “When I wander into the entrance of Jerusalem, I will turn into a suicide warrior in battle dress! In battle dress!” sang one little girl. “Palestine! Amidst the shooting of the revolution, I turn to you with my blood and the blood of my brother and of the son of my neighbors. My heart will cleanse your image. Allah is great! Allah is great!” warbled another child, while adult leaders coached them on. “Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” the grown-ups cheered.

Listen to the Saudi ambassador to Britain, who sung the praises of the teen-age Palestinian girl who blew herself up three weeks ago in a Jerusalem market: “You died to honor God’s word,” Ghazi Algosaibi rhapsodized. “She embraced death with a smile while the leaders are running away from death. Doors of heaven are opened for her.”

And listen to Arafat’s wife, Suha, goading other Palestinian parents to endorse the suicide/homicide “operations” on Jews: There would have been “no greater honor,” Arafat reportedly told a London-based paper this week, than watching her son take his own life for the Palestinian struggle for independence — if only she had a son. Mrs. Arafat, it should be noted, is safely in Paris, where she and her 6-year-old daughter are seeking respite from “martyrdom” while other people’s sons and daughters do the “honor” of splattering themselves and innocent bystanders all over the sidewalks.

Asked whether suicide bombings served the Palestinian cause, Mrs. Arafat responded: “Let me ask: ‘What is one’s position (supposed to be toward) an enemy who kills father, brother, sister, mother and grandfather in cold blood?’ … Should we remain with arms folded?”

Should we?

More: Little Green Footballs has a slideshow on Palestinian child abuse that will make your blood boil.

Update: Here’s the incomparable Mark Steyn on the Beslan slaughter. Meanwhile, an Iraqi Muslim cleric based in Britain said he would support hostage-taking at British schools if carried out by “terrorists with a just cause.”

Update II: Do not miss this account of the Beslan massacre from the London Sunday Mirror. Here’s the introduction:

A shocking account of the siege has come from Indira Dzetskelova, the mother of 12-year-old Dzerase who was guarded by two women suicide bombers during the siege. She said: “On the first day they shot a man before my daughter’s eyes. They frightened the kids by saying that water in the tap was poisoned.

“The famished children had to eat rose petals from bouquets which they specially bought for their teachers to mark the first day of term. Parents who were also captured had to feed their kids with all the window plants.

“After they ate all the petals, my daughter said that she started to nibble the rose plants.

“She told me that several 15-year-old girls were raped by terrorists. She heard their terrible cries and screams when those monsters took them away.”

Her traumatised daughter Dzerase sobbed as she added: “When the assault started, some of us were running out through the school dining room.

“We had to run across and jump over dead bodies. Can I ever forget it? Is it possible that one day I will forget it?

No. Never.

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