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Russia's 9/11
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Don’t let the Labor Day holiday be an excuse to slack off and neglect the ongoing horror and suffering of Russian parents and children at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Read about this Sophie’s Choice nightmare.

Take in the heart-wrenching photos and heart-stopping live-blogging at Logic & Sanity. (Hat tip: Jeff Quinton.)

Read more about the female suicide bombers involved in the school attack and the other Moscow attacks. More here. And the Command Post is covering and commenting here.

Recall the Chechen Islamist who trained the female suicide bombers in the Moscow theater terrorist attack.

Be reminded that Islamists have been planning to use female suicide bombers here in the U.S.

If you’d like to help the victims of Russia’s “9/11”, visit here.

Finally, keep all of these children and parents in your prayers:

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Update: Zalina Dzandarova, the “Sophie’s Choice” mother who was forced to choose between her daughter and son, recovered both children.

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