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Mtv Ignores the News
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From Drudge and World Net Daily, we learn that John Kerry’s daughters were booed at the MTV Video Music Awards. WND reports:

A widespread assumption that young Americans watching MTV may be more prone to vote for John Kerry for president over George W. Bush could be highly off target, as Kerry’s daughters received prolonged booing at the network’s Music Video Awards in Miami.

“From the moment Alexandra and Vanessa started speaking, the boos outweighed anything close to cheers,” according to the Drudge Report.

Another website, stated: “At one point one of the daughters even held her finger to her mouth in an effort to ‘shush’ the rowdy crowd. The boos only grew louder when the daughters suggested that the best choice for a president in this year’s election should be their father…”

I went to to see if its news staff covered the debacle. Here‘s a link to its Video Music Award coverage. Plenty of backstage gossip:

Before she took the stage with Kanye West, Chaka Khan was holding court of her own in the VMA green room. Surrounded by a large entourage that combed her hair and dabbed on makeup, the diva fanned herself and sang the chorus of her hit “Through the Fire” out loud. Khan’s posse was so large that No Doubt didn’t even notice her until they were a few feet away, being hustled to their seats. The bandmembers shot each other startled looks and stared at Khan in awe.

Christina Aguilera did some startling too. As she warmed up her pipes, the power of her vocal exercises caused people standing outside her dressing room to jump. Her performance partner Nelly lounged nearby, trying to decide which afterparties to attend. After they finished their duet, fellow St. Lunatic Murphy Lee congratulated them, yelling, “That sh– was hot!” And minutes before he bounded through the audience in a giant bubble, the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne gave Jet hearty congratulations for their Best Rock Video win. Probably still buzzed from the victory, Jet’s Chris Cester approached Xzibit and said, “You can pimp my ride anytime!”

Newly Mohawked P. Diddy relaxed in the artists lounge after dancing to the Terror Squad’s performance of “Lean Back.” He was joined at the bar by dance partner and posse-mate Bruce Willis, and Willis congratulated Diddy for persuading him to dance, commenting loudly, “Hey! He got the old guy out there!” Later, in a meeting of moguls, Diddy huddled with fellow hip-hop impresarios Jimmy Henchman, Shakim Compere and Lance “Un” Rivera. Nearby, Jay-Z pressed more flesh than a presidential candidate.

But not a word about the Kerry sisters’ rude awakening. Instead, the top political news at MTV’s Choose or Lose touted the NYC protests against President Bush.

A few viewers did leave comments on the MTV website’s feedback section: 1 pro-Kerry, 2 anti-MTV’s politicization of the awards show. Here’s one:

Along with everybody in America, I support the importance of voting. But every day we see and hear people telling us who to vote for and political parties attacking each other, so when I tune in to watch the VMAs, I want to get away from all that. The last thing I wanted to see tonight were the daughters of the candidates, saying, “Vote for my father.” It’s important to educate, so tell us to vote and leave it like that.

Patricia, 27

Miami, FL


Update: Video link is here at The Daily Recycler (hat tip: The Corner).

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