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Poor Kimora Lee Simmons
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Kimora Lee Simmons says: It’s all your fault!

From the Woe-Is-Me Celebrity Files…

The wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons faces drug and motor vehicle charges after police said she was driving erratically and ignored the flashing lights of a cruiser for nearly two miles. Kimora Lee Simmons was arrested just after midnight Monday outside the couple’s estate in Saddle River…Simmons, 29, was charged with eluding an officer, possessing marijuana, careless driving and operating a vehicle while possessing a drug.

Who’s fault is it?

She denied any wrongdoing, said her lawyer, Stacey Richman. “It’s our perception that this is just another example of a prominent member of the hip-hop community being made an example of. The Simmons family is extremely involved in their community and this is an attempt to denigrate Kimora’s good name and that of her family,” Richman said.

See related story: Russell rejects “materialist” rap against his wife. “This is all because Kimora is an African-American Asian woman.”

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