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The Party of al Sharpton
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My new column is up: Five reasons to fear the Democratic Party.

Well, six if you count Al Sharpton, who will speak tonight, believe it or not, to reinforce the Democrat theme of a “Stronger More Secure America.”

Here’s a quick refresher course on Law-and-Order Al’s record on cops, crime, and security:

1) Sharpton’s post-September 11 attacks on Rudy Giuliani.

2) Heather Mac Donald on Sharpton’s efforts to sabotage NYC’s crime-fighting efforts.

3) Sharpton caught on tape talking about laundering drug money with former mobster Michael Franzese, a Mafioso-turned-undercover-FBI informant posing as a cocaine dealer.

4) Jeff Jacoby on Sharpton as the Democrats’ David Duke

5) Sharpton, the Tawana Brawley hoax, and the smearing of New York prosecutor Steve Pagones. Asked by a Salon writer if he was “ever sorry you got involved in the Brawley case,” Sharpton replied:

No. I think if I had to do it again I’d do it in the same way.

The party of Al Sharpton, tonight’s grand finale speaker, promises to give us a “Stronger More Secure America.”

Is Jon Stewart in charge of the convention schedule or what?

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