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The Mollycoddling Milksops of Manila
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Column’s up: The mollycoddling milksops of Manila. Excerpt:

Add the flag of the Philippines to the International Hall of Appeasers. Sign this pitiful nation up for a lifetime membership to the Axis of Weasels. And remind me never again to brag about the proud fighting spirit of my ancestors.

See also Philippine Commentary, Wizbang!, The Moderate Voice, The Intergalactic Capitalist, The World Wide Rant , and Galen’s Log, all of whom disapprove of Philippine officials’ decision.

Update: Introducing the “Islamic Protectorate State Of The Philippines:” One Fine Jay has redesigned the flag of the Philippines accordingly.

Update II: Robert Tagorda contemplates the diplomatic and national security implications of the Philippines’ pullout.

Update III: Marc Landers, CPO, USN, Ret., at USS Neverdock shares his thoughts on the Filipino people.

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