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Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy step up the call to scrutinize the apparent Islamist penetration of homeland security:

For over two years, the Center for Security Policy has been warning that organizations and individuals sympathetic to or otherwise supportive of the radical, intolerant and jihadist subset of the Muslim faith known as “Islamists” have mounted a sophisticated political influence operation against the Bush Administration. Tuesday’s Washington Times contains a column by Center President Frank Gaffney entitled “Dubious Company” that describes a meeting Secretary of State Colin Powell held with representatives of four such groups just last Thursday…

The bottom line is that it is past time for a rigorous review of the extent and implications of the evident Islamist influence operation in official Washington and the troubling role that Grover Norquist has appeared to play in facilitating, if not actually enabling it. If the Bush Administration can or will not conduct such an examination, Congress should undertake to do so.


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