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Exclusive: "GOD IS LOVE," "BUILD the WALL," "WALK AWAY," and "CHOOSE LIFE" Knitted Hats All Banned on Ravelry [PHOTOS]
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Following up on my syndicated column this week about the unraveling of the Trump-hating founders of knitting and crocheting website, I have received several tips from conservative crafters who have been censored or banned from the site for the peaceful expression of their political views. As I reported, the purge has been taking place over 10 years. One user, who goes by the handle “Deplorable Knitter,” sent me copies of the pieces that earned her the wrath of Ravelry since the November 2018 midterms:

The tipster saved screenshots of liberal knitters’ comments and Ravelry moderators’ messages to her smearing her as hate-monger for spreading God’s love, defending unborn life, supporting American sovereignty, and advocating American greatness. “DESTROY LIFE,” “SHOUT YOUR ABORTION,” “GOD IS DEAD,” “ABOLISH ICE,” “KEEP AMERICA MEDIOCRE” and “MAKE AMERICA VENEZUELA” would all have been acceptable to the unhinged and unraveled SJWs. But “God is love” and “Keep America Great?” Heaven forfend!

There you have it. “God is Love,” “Build the Wall,” MAGA, and KAG = Violence.

2019 = 1984.


Attention, conservative crafters: You can get Deplorable Knitter’s patterns at her blog here.

Right-wing exiles from Ravelry have formed a group on Facebook. Who knows how long it will be until Zuckerberg kicks them off, but for now you can find them here.

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