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Question: Did Ilhan Omar Commit Federal Tax Fraud?
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My column two weeks ago on Ilhan Omar’s Marriage Fraud Immunity Card mentioned the Minnesota state investigation of her use of campaign funds for personal expenses related to her divorce, plus other spending for out-of-state travel.

The report was released today on her shady spending practices in response to Minnesota state Rep. Steve Drazkowski’s complaints last year. She has been ordered to pay about $4,000 in reimbursements & fines, plus file amended disclosures.

I’ve uploaded the report, conclusions, and orders in full and you can read it here.[embeddoc url=”” width=”75%” height=”75%” download=”all”]

Most noteworthy is this item:

Keep in mind that Rep. Omar was legally married to (suspected brother) Ahmed Elmi from 2009-2017 while also filing joint tax returns with longtime partner Ahmed Hirsi in 2014 and 2015. Time to get federal IRS officials involved? What say you all?

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