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Broward County Superintendent's Solution to Systemic Failure: Mo' Money!
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Broward Coward County Sheriff Scott Israel isn’t the only publicity-hogging clown who fell down on his job and cost innocent people their lives.

It’s time to take a hard look at Broward County school superintendent Robert Runcie.

Last week, he showed up to the CNN propaganda town hall to forcefully oppose arming teachers and pander to both the gun control and teachers union’s lobbies:

Well, Runcie sure knows about having lots of money in his pocket.

In November, the local school board approved a hefty raise bringing his annual salary to $335,000 through June 30, 2023. His contract includes being able to trade in 15 of his 29 vacation days for a cash value of $20,500; a $48,000 annual retirement stipend; and additional pension benefits based on his prior employment in Chicago worth an extra $80,000.

So, what kind of six-figure superintendent leadership and accountability are taxpayers in Broward County are paying for? It seems that what feckless Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is to law enforcement, Robert Runcie is to the school system.

Here he is last week telling untruths to the local media and what his district knew about the threat the Stoneman Douglas High School shooter posed to students and when they knew it.

Runcie claimed the district had “no warnings” and “no tips” about Cruz’s violent tendencies.

False. The school resource officer and a peer counselor had gone on record on September 20 2016 about Cruz possibly ingesting gasoline, cutting himself, threatening to buy a gun, and possessing items with hate symbols. The Broward County sheriff’s logs stated that a school resource deputy initiated a report and indicated it would conduct a threat assessment on Cruz.

That was more than two years before the massacre. Teachers said Cruz’s disciplinary problems started in middle school, escalating from profanity to fighting to an assault in January 2017 that led to another threat assessment.

Those school-sponsored threat assessments went down a black hole and ended in a river of blood and horror. Yet, here’s Runcie insisting that more MONEY would solve the failures in his district.

And here’s Runcie, blathering about the need for a “smarter system.”

Blah blah blah. All sound and fury signifying nothing.

Perhaps if Runcie hadn’t been preoccupied with social justice pandering at the Obama White House – where he bragged about reducing on-campus arrests and suspensions to eliminate statistical racial disparities — 17 of his district’s teachers and students would still be alive today.

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