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Littlest Open-Borders Lobbyists Vow to Tear America's Walls Down
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At the Denver women’s march this weekend, a little girl became the new hero of open-borders extremists.

She posed defiantly with a homemade message on pink posterboard, no doubt dictated by a left-wing parent or teacher, which read:


Liberal actress Jamie Lee Curtis retweeted the photo, calling the sign “brilliant.”

Moonbat congressman Ted Lieu mentioned it on cable TV.

Newshub called it one of the best signs of the worldwide protests.

As usual with the far Left, reality is manufactured. This little girl’s sentiment is not an original thought, but a prefabricated slogan that has been circulating for several years on social media. It’s been credited to an adopted 11-year-old Asian-American girl.

And a three-year-old Brazilian-American boy.

Alas, the adults in these little propagandists’ lives failed to inform them that under 18 U.S.C. Section 1361, destruction of government property is a federal crime. Moreover, under 18 USC Section 2155, it is a felony to interfere with, or obstruct the national defense of the United States, or to willfully injure or destroy any national-defense material or national-defense premises.

In the sanctuary cities of Denver and Los Angeles and beyond, radical parents and educators are brainwashing youngsters to openly embrace and advocate for our country’s collapse.

All the border wall funding in the world can’t protect us from collapse and chaos if our classrooms are used to indoctrinate the next generation to sabotage our sovereignty.

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