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Exclusive - DNA Deception: What the Daniel Holtzclaw Jury Never Heard
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Last week, I wrote about the perils of touch DNA in cases across the country. As I mentioned, it is one of my ongoing investigative projects for the year for my columns, blogs, and show. Above is a photo of Oklahoma City sex-crimes detective Rocky Davis stirring his bare hands inside a paper evidence bag in the case of former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

It’s just one of the many disturbing instances in which investigators carelessly mishandled crucial evidence. My latest, in-depth piece on what the jury never heard about the prosecution’s DNA deception is up at Conservative Review.

I have received valuable feedback from DNA experts and trained police investigators across the country who are alarmed at what they have seen and read about the Holtzclaw case. The more exposure the story gets, the closer Daniel gets to justice. His appeal is due February 1.

Much more info at:

Holtzclaw Trial, founded by former Holtzclaw private investigator and Oklahoma City watchdog Brian Bates.

Free Daniel Holtzclaw, founded by Daniel’s sister, Jenny Holtzclaw.

If you see something, say something.

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