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Obama Town Hall's Biggest Stinking Plant: Here's Everything CNN Didn't Tell You About Disgraced Fr. Michael Pfleger
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When your citizen “town hall” is invitation-only and jointly co-produced by CNN and the Obama White House, every participant is a potted plant.

As I reminded you in my syndicated column before tonight’s Kabuki town hall on guns, both Obama and CNN have a long history as manufactured-narrative gardeners.

Right on cue, or rather left on cue, one of the chosen people allowed to question Obama was radical, race-baiting nutball Catholic priest Fr. Michael Pfleger from Obama’s Chicago.

Yep, it’s that Fr. Pfleger, whose antics I’ve chronicled here for years.

(P.S. What’s up with Pfleger’s blaccent? Did he take lessons from Hillary or Iggy Azalea?)


March 2008: Rev. Michael Pfleger and Rev. Jeremiah Wright together again: “Hallelujah!” Update: Rock star reception, video link added

April 2008: Look who’s “counseling” Obama and Wright

April 2008: Obama’s newest radical preacher buddy goes national

May 2008: He’s baaaack: Obama supporter Rev. Michael Pfleger flogs Hillary’s “white entitlement” on the pulpit

May 2008: Greatest hits: All of Barack Obama’s men of bad faith; Update: Chicago archdiocese spanks Pfleger

June 2008: Pfleger: “America is the greatest sin against God;” new “statement” to come?

June 2008: Awwwww: Sniveling Michael Pfleger needs a wah-mbulance Update: Finally, a suspension…to “reflect”

June 2008: Michael Pfleger returns June 16: “He’s a black Jesus stuck in a white man’s body”

April 2010: Document drop: Cardinal George to honor race-baiting Father Michael Pfleger

April 2010: The Pfleger-ization of the Catholic Church

April 2011: Finally: Catholic Church suspends rogue Chicago Rev. Michael Pfleger

February 2012: Poison preachers: The return of Farrakhan and Pfleger

Which is worse–that the Obama White House invited their favorite, race-hustling reverend to preach about gun control or that the tools at CNN pretended he was a mainstream, credible voice worthy of a platform?

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