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Creepy Oregon Educrat Preaches Government Authority Over Kids from "Prenatal to Graduate School"
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We are all familiar with the progressive “cradle-to-grave” agenda. But now, at least one Oregon educrat is publicly pushing his grubby government hands even further into our children’s lives.

Out: K-12. In: P20. As in “prenatal” to age 20, from womb through graduate school.

Here’s video of Oregon deputy state schools superintendent Rob Saxton explaining Big Brother’s expanded purview, courtesy of Oregon blogger/YouTube user Jason Schimdt of Don’t Tread On Farms:

Transcript via Daylight Disinfectant:

“One of the things we have begun putting in place is the P20 System, and “P” stands for prenatal, and “20″ stands for graduate school. So we’re trying to think about this system of education no longer as these pieces of a system, right like prenatal and very early childhood, um … 3 to 4 years old … kindergarden through grade 5 … grade 6 through 8th … grades 9 through 12 … and then community college or college, and then graduate graduate school … We should be thinking about education from the time that a woman … um … enters … um … is pregnant [sic], so prenatal, and just like: what their nutrition looks like, what their exercise looks like, what kind of education we can provide working around the child …”

In case you think the video is edited to take his remark out of context, you can read more about Saxton’s P20W propaganda in the mainstream Klamath Falls Herald and News here.

This, dear readers, is what happens when moms and dads surrender their fundamental duty as their own children’s primary educational providers.

If you are not willing to face gag orders, risk arrest, and raise hell to stop the usurpers, you get what you deserve.


More coverage:

Watchdog Wire:

Saxton, laying out several goals of the project (including teaching students to read by the third grade) states that he used to think the challenge was a “hair-on-fire emergency” from kindergarten to the end of third grade. Now, however, he realizes that the time period is actually prenatal to the end of third grade. He says that, from birth, the Department of Education can work with parents to teach pre-reading skills, and that early childhood schooling like Kindergarten should be less like “day care” and more like education. Saxton also alludes to a large amount of funding provided to work on this effort. The source of this money is currently unknown.

The website “Stop Common Core In Oregon” has done a write-up on the history and impact of P20W, including how the data collected on students can be accessed by almost anyone affiliated, directly or indirectly, with the school district, for any reason provided that they “[need] to review an education record in order to fulfill [their] professional responsibility.”


P20W is not exclusively an Oregon program. This is an experimental part of the national Common Core State Standards program, and could be in the beginning stages of implementation in states across the country. WatchdogWire encourages readers from other states to research P20W in their own state and report on the findings.

From Stop Common Core in Oregon:

What is the SLDS?

The State Longitudinal Database System, is a comprehensive database compiled on each child. This data is not aggregate data, it is linked specifically to the child. Data that is collected will follow the child through to their adult years and beyond. In fact, that is the purpose of the SLDS, to provide a database that “grows” along with the child into their career years.

The Workforce Data Quality Initiative’s Mission Statement from the United States Department of Labor’s website reads:

“The long-term Workforce Data Quality Initiative and SLDS goal for States is to use their longitudinal data systems to follow individuals through school and into and through their work life.”

“Enable workforce data to be matched with education data to ultimately create longitudinal data systems with individual-level information beginning with pre-kindergarten through post-secondary schooling all the way through entry and sustained participation in the workforce and employment services system.”

The SLDS has been implemented nationwide in each state. It became fully operational in 2012.

The funding for the SLDS was from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act in 2009. Oregon was awarded $10.5 million to create our SLDS.

Along the way the SLDS was transformed into the P20W, or the Preschool through age 20 Workforce Tracking. As the US Department of Labor stated, the P20W is to “enable workforce data to matched with education data…with individual-level information.” It is a “cradle to career” monitoring system. Children will not be the only ones under scrutiny. Teachers are going to be linked directly to their students and their performance will be assessed on the data that is collected. Parents’ information is also being collected. This is essentially a complete dossier on every American that will follow them throughout their life. A permanent record of their beliefs, behavior, and their preferences.

…inBloom, the newly formed not-for-profit organization that will warehouse the data collected by the SLDS. All of your child’s personal information will be compiled in a centralized location and shared at the whims of inBloom and the State.

This collection of data is attracting start-up educational companies and third parties like vultures to a fresh kill.

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