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More Parents Stand Up to Educrats, Face No-Trespass and Gag Orders
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I said it at an education summit in Nebraska a few weeks ago: We parents of school-age children are all Robert Smalls.

We are all Robert Smalls.

We, not the Obamas or the Bushes or the Gateses or educrats in Washington, are our children’s primary educational providers.

Control over our children begins and ends with us.

It is not easy to stand up and challenge sovereignty-undermining, curriculum-usurping, privacy-sabotaging education orthodoxy, especially when it is plied by a toxic alliance of both Big Government and Big Business interests.

But if we don’t do it, who will?

Here in my adopted home state of Colorado, grass-roots parents on both sides of the political aisle have been fighting the Common Core and edtech elites. In Jefferson County, the schools have sold out to inBloom and the Gates Foundation. I’ll have much more on their battle in coming days. We are a critical point in the grass-roots movement against Common Core’s data mining borg, and Jefferson County has become Ground Zero. Last week, one of the parents attended a school board meeting and challenged the district’s new boondoggle expenditures on technology. She was slapped with a no-trespass order.

Deputies broke up an altercation between two Jeffco Public Schools employees and a Jeffco parent during the school board meeting last Thursday evening.

The parent, Natalie Adams, had addressed the board earlier in the meeting during public comment. Adams questioned why the board was considering a nearly $1.2 million contract to update the district’s technology and data-storage systems.

“(How can the board approve the contract) while the district is simultaneously moving full-steam ahead with inBloom?” Adams said to the board. “The district seems to lack a master plan for its storage needs and, instead, is spending money and efforts moving in various directions at the same time.”

Adams said that if the district is planning to use inBloom, less data would need to be stored by the district and that the upgrade should not be necessary.

After the motion failed, Adams and some of the officials had an encounter.

In an e-mailed statement, Adams said she was standing in the back of the room when Lorie Gillis, Jeffco Schools’ chief financial officer, spoke to her.

“In an angry tone she said to me, ‘You need to get your facts straight,’ ” Adams said. “I was trying to follow up on her statement to understand what facts she felt I got wrong when I was blocked by Allen Taggart.”

Taggart is Jeffco Schools’ attorney.

Jeffco’s statement said Adams followed Gillis and that Taggart observed the behavior and placed himself between Gillis and Adams. The statement continued:

“At that time, (Adams) pushed (Taggart) repeatedly until district security and law enforcement intervened,” according to the district’s statement.

“Taggart prevented me from leaving the board room and forcefully detained me at the doorway,” Adams said. “Taggart successfully intimidated and scared me, so I walked back to my seat. After a few minutes, I was still so overcome with fear and was shaking. I decided to go home and left the building.”

Adams will be issued a no-trespass order from Jeffco Schools, which prohibits her from entering the Jeffco Education Center building without permission from district security, said Lynn Setzer, spokesperson for the district.

Adams is a Jeffco resident and a parent of two Jeffco students.

The unanswered questions are myriad.

In North Carolina, another parent was effectively slapped with a gag order for raising questions about Common Core. Via Truth in American Education:

When I began seeing the ill affects of Common Core in my second grader’s classroom, I reached out to other parents and asked if it was just me. Other parents echoed how they did not like the Common Core Math and what it was doing to their children. We asked for a meeting with the teacher and the principal. The principal denied us access to meet with her as a group, and outright told me to stop communicating with other parents about the Common Core because I was generating “unrest.”

The Common Core and edtech juggernauts have spread across the country with little resistance. The Gates mob has bought off the PTA. Privacy and cost concerns have been dismissed by condescending GOP elites such as Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, even as reports from across the country expose the perils pitfalls, and profligacy of Common Core databases/devices/alignment.

As Robert Small said last month: Parents, you need to question these people. Don’t stand for this!



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