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Colorado Is on Fire Again; Scrambling for Tankers
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Regular readers will remember that a year ago this month, Colorado Springs was engulfed by the Waldo Canyon Fire. We were among the first evacuees and spent a nomadic week wondering if we would ever return to our neighborhood. We were among the lucky ones. Two people lost their lives, and an estimated 300 families lost their homes, including many of our friends and kids’ classmates.

Bad news: The fires are back. And the same scorching hot and windy conditions that fueled Waldo Canyon are driving the Black Forest Fire north of the Springs, the Royal Gorge Fire, the Big Meadows Fire in the Rocky Mountain National Forest, and the Klikus Fire near La Veta. You can check my Twitter feed for constant updates. Tune in to Twitchy Team as well.

Keep all those affected and all those fighting the fires in your thoughts and prayers, please.

Note: The U.S. Forest Service keeps changing its story on when heavy tankers will arrive in Colorado to help combat the blazes.

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