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Today: Twitter Rally to Stop Common Core
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If you are a parent, educator, or activist concerned about the federal takeover of your kids’ tests, textbooks, and curriculum, you need to be on Twitter. Today, the group Parent-Led Reform is holding a national Twitter rally to inform others about the growing grass-roots revolt against Fed Ed. Search the hashtag #stopcommoncore and tune in to my Stop Common Core public Twitter list.

My Common Core archive.

Truth in American Education.

From TAE: FYI – The tweet chat link is

Parent-Led Reform and Truth in American Education Take to Twitter to #StopCommonCore

More Than 100 Groups and Individuals Have Joined Tuesday’s Twitter Rally

Parent-Led Reform (@ParentLedReform) will host, in partnership with Truth in American Education (@TruthinAmEd), a #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 from 12:00p-2:00p (EST). They will be joined by more than 100 groups and individuals for this first-time event. Parents, teachers and grassroots activists are concerned about the nationalization of education standards, data collecting, and subpar education expectations thrust upon our children by education bureaucrats and special interest groups through the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

The #StopCommonCore Twitter Rally will feature a panel of experts:

Emmett McGroarty the executive director of the Preserve Innocence Imitative with American Principles Project (will use the @approject twitter handle)

Joy Pullmann (@joypullmann) – Research Fellow with the Heartland Institute and Editor of School Reform News.

Ben DeGrow (@ediswatching) education policy analyst at The Independence Institute

James Shuls (@shulsie) an education policy analyst at the Show-Me Institute

Shane Vander Hart (@shanevanderhart) editor-in-chief of; Advocate, blogger & social media manager for Truth In American Education. (Will use @TruthinAmEd)

Truth In American Education’s spokesperson, Shane Vander Hart, said, “As taxpayers, parents and concerned citizens, we believe that proper respect for the American people requires that major educational changes be subject to an open and public discussion prior to approval and implementation, not the other way around. So we are taking to Twitter to express our concern about the Common Core State Standards.”


Truth in American Education ( is a national, non-partisan group of concerned parents and citizens. We view educational issues from different perspectives; however, we are in agreement, that the promotion and implementation of elements of the Race to the Top (RTTT) policies are misguided and harmful. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), CCSS assessments, and state longitudinal data systems development along with associated privacy issues are being implemented nationwide with insufficient research-based evidence and insufficient public examination and discourse. ( is a multi-issue organization that projects parental power into education reform.

From Parent Led Reform:

Parent Led Reform Hosts National Rally via Twitter to #Stopcommoncore Standards

A large collaboration of organizations that oppose nationalization of education hold online rally to stop Common Core Standards.


Colorado, April 13, 2012: Parent Led Reform, a multi-issue organization that projects parental power into education reform, is hosting a rally via Twitter Tuesday April 16th at 10 am MST. The #Stopcommoncore Twitter Rally is a collaborative project in partnership with Truth In American Education, and designed to share the research diligently collected by parents and citizens concerned about the government’s push for national common standards in education.

“We oppose a lock-step approach to education that takes the focus away from the student and decisions away from the parent,” says Karin Piper, Executive Director of “Parent Led Reform is impressed with the voluminous and detailed research Truth in American Education has collected regarding the pitfalls of Common Core Standards, and honored to serve as a partner by moderating the rally via social media. “

The #Stopcommoncore Twitter Rally features a panel of experts who are planning on answering questions by the moderator, as well as taking live questions from Twitter users across the nation. The panelists are Shane Vander Hart (Truth in American Education), James Shuls (Show-Me Institute) Joy Pullmann (Heartland Institute), Ben DeGrow (Independence Institute), Emmett McGroarty (American Principles Project).

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