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Top Dem Donor and Kooky Religious Bigot J.Z. Knight Rants on Video: "F**k You, Catholics"
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Photo via NWDailyMarker

J.Z. Knight is a self-proclaimed “mystic” who apparently channels a spirit named “Ramtha.” She is also a deep-pocketed donor to Washington State Democrats and President Obama’s campaign.

Bryan Myrick of the Northwest Daily Marker reports that Knight

Democrats on the bottom of the ticket in Washington state all the way to the very top are caught in a pickle. Stand against religious bigotry or give back some $60,000 in state campaign cash contributed by world-famous spiritual channeler JZ Knight after videos showing Knight preaching hatred of Catholics became public.

In a story that may become a national news story as soon as tomorrow morning, Knight is seen and heard on video to let loose a profanity-strewn rant against Catholics and has been a frequent and generous contributor to Democrats here in Washington and at the national level. Knight’s contributions to Democrat at all levels total more than $120,000 for the current election cycle.

As of Tuesday, Democrats are deciding to take Knight’s money and run, an equivocation that could produce significant controversy among swing voters just as many are marking their ballots to decide a very close election.

The video evidence of Knight’s tirades are difficult to watch.

“F— you, you Catholics!” Knight bellows over cheers from her audience.

“We will come on you in a terror,” Knight growls in another cut. “We will bring… St. Peter’s temple down and we will swallow it in the sea.” (“St. Peter’s temple” is a reference to the Catholic church itself.)

The entirety of hateful language used by Knight defied redaction to meet our standards for publication. For the full context, you will have to brace yourself and view the videos. We warn you use discretion when viewing these where the general public and especially small children may be present. It’s very rough stuff.

Watch for yourselves:

Myrick adds:

According to Federal Election Commission records, Knight personally gave a total of $60,800 to the Democratic National Committee in the 2012 election cycle, gave $5,800 to the Obama Victory Fund and has maxed out on individual donations ($5,000) to Pres. Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

…State Public Disclosure Commission records also show that Knight also gave $66,300 to Democrats in Washington state. A total of $60,000 was received by State Democrats, $1,800 by 2nd legislative district state Senate candidate Bruce Lachney, $1,800 by Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero, $1,800 by State Supreme Court Justice Susan Owens, and $900 by the political action committee operated on behalf of Democrats in the state Senate.

Lachney and Romero also each received $1,800 from the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, Knight’s spiritual organization.

Washington State GOP chair Kirby Wilbur called on Dems to return the money. Put on your shocked faces: Dems are keeping the hate-tainted cash:

The Washington state Democratic Party says it does not condone the profane comments that Yelm-based spiritual leader JZ Knight made in a videotaped talk earlier this year, but the party will not return an estimated $60,000 that the spirit-channeler gave the party.

…“This video that was recently posted online is nothing short of repulsive. J Z Knight is an intolerant bigot and Sandra Romero is either ignorant of her views or shares them,” Wilbur thundered in his news release. “Which is it Sandra? I am personally disgusted by the sickening things uttered by Knight on the tape. She is anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, vulgar and profane.”

Democratic Party spokesman Benton Strong distanced the party from Knight’s comments, but said Democrats would not give back the money.


“We obviously don’t condone the kind of divisive language that is seen here. The other thing that we don’t condone is the kind of divisive policy positions taken by the WSRP (Republican Party) – their discriminatory policies against marriage equality, which is the same position taken by Rob McKenna, their candidate for governor,” Strong said.

“We think it is unfortunate that Kirby would resort to these kinds of attacks instead of talking about the issues facing our candidates and the voters,’’ Strong added.

The Dems can spin and sputter, but they can’t hide.

Like I always say: Sunlight is the best disinfectant, but the ballot box is the ultimate sanitizer. Time to clean house in Washington state!

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