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Sikh Temple Shooting: Details on Gunman Emerge; Donation Drive for Victims Launched
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The dead gunman in the horrific Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting has been identified. He is Wade Page, an Army veteran with white supremacist tattoos.

I’ll leave the vulgar politicization of this evil massacre to others. The usual suspects are in full-blown Blame Righty Syndrome mode. They are as ghoulish and galling as the disgusting Westboro publicity hounds.

As we did with the Aurora movie theater shooting just two short weeks ago, we will keep the focus hereon the victims:

One of the priests who died in the massacre was identified by a temple-goer as priest Parkash Singh, a 30-something father of two.

Worshipper Manminder Sethi told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Mr Singh was ‘a good guy, a noble soul’.

He added that the priest’s wife, son and daughter had only recently moved from India to join him in Oak Creek, where Mr Singh had been living for several years.

…The temple’s president, 65-year-old Satwant Kaleka, was shot dead by the attacker after trying to fight back.

His son Amardeep said that the community leader had attempted to ‘knife and tackle the shooter’, but was unsuccessful and died of his wounds while trying to hide in the temple.

Mr Kaleka’s nephew Gurmit Kaleka told the Journal Sentinel that the victim was a father of two who had presided over the religious community since 1996.

Another nephew, Jatin Der Mangat, spoke of his grief at hearing of the shooting.

‘It was like the heart just sat down,’ he said. ‘This shouldn’t happen anywhere.’

Another victim sent to hospital by the gunman was a police officer, a 20-year veteran who was ambushed by the attacker and was shot multiple times.

He is undergoing surgery for his injuries, but is expected to survive.

According to Oak Park (WI) police at a briefing held this morning, the victims “range from ages 39 to 84 years old. Five men and one woman.”

Update 12:10pm…Hero: Lt. Brian Murphy identified as officer shot in Sikh temple shooting; In critical condition.

Update: The 6 Sikh temple shooting victims identified; Satwant Singh Kaleka died trying to fight off shooter


Sikh activists are raising money to support the temple shooting victims. Please donate here if you can.

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