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Commemorating the Victims, Not the Aurora Movie Theater Shooter; Update: All 12 Fatalities Identified
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Jessica Ghawi (Redfield)

Alex Sullivan

AJ Boik

Matt McQuinn

Micayla Medek

Veronica Moser

Many TV viewers have e-mailed their frustration with news outlets running wall-to-wall coverage and photos of the alleged Aurora movie theater shooter. They don’t want to see his face. They don’t want to keep seeing his name.

I share that sentiment completely. While law enforcement officials have not yet released a public list of victims, friends and family members are spreading word on social media about the loved ones they have lost.

You already know the heart-breaking story of Jessica Ghawi (Redfield). Her mother has asked Twitter users to get her name trending instead of the shooter’s:

Aurora shooting victim’s mom: Please get #RIPJessica trending

Tonight, Twitter lit up with at least four more names and Twitchy has the profiles:

Update: Alex Sullivan, 27, confirmed dead

Friends tweet name of third possible Aurora shooting victim: Alex Teves

Another possible Aurora shooting victim: A.J. Boik

5th Aurora shooting victim ID’d on Twitter: Matt McQuinn

Update: 6th Aurora shooting victim named: Micayla Medek


Sailor John Larimer identified as Aurora shooting victim

6-year-old Veronica Moser identified as Aurora shooting victim; mom in critical condition

32-year-old Rebecca Wingo confirmed dead in Aurora theater shooting

Jon Blunk killed by Aurora shooter while shielding girlfriend

Gordon Cowden, 51, named among Aurora theater shooting victims

Twitter identifies Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress as Aurora shooting victim

Read every post for photos, tributes, memories, and tweets. Spread the word about each precious life.

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