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Video: Post-Election Union Protest in Milwaukee Turns Violent
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You didn’t think the progs would go gentle into that good night, did you? Of course not.

Via the ever-vigilant MacIver Institute:

Violence erupts in downtown Milwaukee as AFSCME sponsored occupy protest turns chaotic.

After a series of speeches at Pere Marquette Park, the protesters began their march. They ignored police directives to not block the entire street, and some threw objects at officers as well as constantly directing insults and profanity at them.

At least 3 people were arrested as a result of these clashes.

The protesters were, among other things, demanding the repeal of Act 10, the new public sector labor law signed into law by Governor Walker last year. The law, which greatly restricted the collective bargaining powers of the state’s public sector labor unions, was the impetus for yesterday’s recall. Tonight’s rally was planned in advance of the election and was sponsored by a variety of left wing organizations, including AFSCME Local 82.

AFSCME Local 82 was one of the sponsors of the event, as indicated inthis promotional flyer

The manufacturing of chaos doesn’t end. It never ends.

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