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Here's Who Democrat Hitwoman Hilary Rosen Visited at the White House, Including at Least 5 POTUS Meetings
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White House visitor logs show that Hilary Rosen, the DC lobbyist/Anita Dunn colleague who attacked Ann Romney’s stay-at-home-mom status on CNN last night, visited 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. at least 35 times.

(Remember: White House logs are an inaccurate measure of ACTUAL White House visits, as liberal media outlets/watchdogs themselves have reported and as I’ve reminded you many times.)

White House Visitor Records Requests

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More illuminating than the number of visits is the info about who Hilary Rosen visited. (Note: The vast majority of entries list “Hilary B. Rosen” as the visitor; Rosen’s middle name is Beth. White House press secretary Jay Carney lamely obfuscated earlier this morning about whether the Rosen in question was indeed the visitor listed in logs or another of the “three” Hilary Rosens he knows.)

The records are a mess, so let me break it down for you:

3/11/09 Meeting with White House consigliere Valerie Jarrett.

3/13/09 Meeting with David Axelrod.

3/30/09 Meeting with top Big Labor operative and political director Patrick Gaspard.

9/21/09 Meeting w/Natalie Bookey, East Wing aide, and unidentified visitee.

10/8/09 Meeting with WH senior press lead, Jesse Lewin.

10/13/09 Meeting with POTUS — President Barack Obama.

10/22/09 Meeting with Anita Dunn, former WH communications director.

10/28/09 Meeting with POTUS in the East Room.

11/25/09 Unidentified East Wing (First Lady Michelle Obama’s office) meeting.

1/26/10 Rosen visited Dagoberta Vega, White House broadcasting media official and director of surrogate booking.

2/1/10 Rosen visited top White House official Jim Messina, now Obama’s 2012 campaign manager.

2/24/10 Rosen visited White House consigliere Valerie Jarrett.

3/24/10 Rosen visited White House consigliere Valerie Jarrett.

7/7/10 Meeting w/Jocelyn Frye, East Wing aide.

12/10/10 Rosen visited Ellie Schafer, White House Visitors Office director, in the East Wing.

12/10/10 Meeting with POTUS.

9/8/11 Meeting with Kristina Schake, East Wing aide.

12/7/11 Meeting w/POTUS and Marie Aberger, White House press assistant.

12/7/11 Meeting with Ellie Schafer, White House Visitors Office director.

1/6/11 Meeting w/Dagoberta Vega, White House broadcasting media official and director of surrogate booking.

1/21/11 Meeting w/Meredith Carden, an aide to First Lady Michelle Obama, Old Executive Office Building.

1/24/11 Meeting w/Samuel Wilson, deputy director of broadcast media for the White House office of communications.

1/28/11 Meeting w/Jason Dempsey, White House fellow.

2/2/11 Meeting w/Obama bundler and top aide to both POTUS and FLOTUS, Tina Tchen.

2/24/11 Meeting w/POTUS.

2/24/11 Meeting at WH Visitors Office.

2/14/11 Meeting w/Samuel Wilson, deputy director of broadcast media for the White House office of communications.

3/19/11 Meeting w/Alexader Lasry,strategic engagement aide.

3/18/11 Two meetings listed with Jeremy Bernard, White House social secretary.

6/15/11 Meeting w/Dag Vega, WH surrogate booking director.

8/5/11 Meeting w/Ellie Schafer, WH Visitors Office director.

Plus: 12/15/09 – 12/15/10 – 12/15/11 — Incomplete entries, no visitee identified.

Bottom line: For the last three years, Hilary Rosen has met nearly three dozen times with top Obama communications and political strategists from Valerie Jarrett to David Axelrod to Anita Dunn to Jim Messina to the president himself.


Any notion that her frontal assault on GOP women was an accident or lone wolf move is contradicted by the long paper trail of her intimate working relationship with the White House campaign/media team. The data also puts the disavowals of Messina/Axelrod last night into much-needed perspective.

They can’t disassociate themselves from one of their most frequent visitors and associates.

They just never expected the fierce online/social media pushback they got from conservative women, who are beating them at their own medium.


Naturally, Hilary Rosen is out with a new piece on CNN deriding GOP moms again and calling their outrage fake.

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