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Breaking: Olympia Snowe Not Seeking Re-Election
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What do I keep tellin’ ya? Entrenched incumbency is the disease. Fresh blood is the cure. GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe reads the tea leaves and decides it’s time for her to go. On her own:

The Portland Maine Press Herald reports:

In a statement issued by her campaign, Snowe said that both she and her husband, former Gov. John R. McKernan, are both in good health and she is certain she would have won re-election.

Snowe, however, cited frustation over “an atmosphere of polarization and ‘my way or the highway’ ideologies has become pervasive in campaigns and in our governing institutions.”

All together now: DLTDHYOTWO!

The Maine GOP Senate race will be…interesting to say the least:

A primary challenger to U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe and a self-proclaimed tea partier has unenrolled from the Republican party in the wake of the state GOP’s recent caucuses.

Andrew Ian Dodge of Harpswell announced on Tuesday that he was severing ties with his party but said he plans to remain in the Senate race as an independent.

Dodge told the liberal website Talking Point Memo that the Maine Republican Party’s handling of its recent presidential caucuses was the last straw.

The Maine GOP has been criticized for declaring Mitt Romney the winner of a presidential preference poll on Feb. 11 before all the results were gathered.

The party also later admitted to clerical errors that resulted in some communities being omitted from the results. Among those errors were that some results that were emailed to the party ended up in the spam folder.

The Maine GOP has made amends by updating those results, but there is still some animosity that could generate discussion at the next state committee meeting on March 10. The Waldo County Republicans last week recommended a censure of party Chairman Charlie Webster.

Dodge was particularly critical of Webster in his comments.

“Webster patronized and belittled members of his own party to save his own skin. And his excuse the results were in the ‘spam folder’ … well, that is so bad it’s beyond comment,” Dodge told Talking Points Memo. “I have no idea whether it is because of corruption or ineptitude

but the handling of it made it worse and made it look like it was corruption.”

With Dodge out of the Republican race, Scott D’Amboise of Lisbon Falls is the sole GOP challenger to Snowe.

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