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Chimichanga Is the New Macaca
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File under “What if a top-ranking GOP official had said this?”

Chimichanga would be the new macaca.

Lefty WaPo columnist Dana Milbank mocked Republicans for not doing enough to grovel to Latino voters. He snarked: “The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos.” (Full context of the entire Chimichanga Kerfuffle here.)

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina tweeted his approval of Milbank’s Hispanic food swipe, calling it the “line of the day.” Conservative blogger Sooper Mexican lays the double-standard smack down:

What incredible arrogance would cause these idiots to disdain Latinos? It’s the same grown out of the knowledge that no matter how much Democrats promise Latinos, and how little they deliver, they will count on their vote, as if we’re beaten dogs returning to their master.

Let them know you don’t appreciate this insult to Latinos, whatever race you are…

As I’ve pointed out many times over the years:

The P.C. police, as always, are P.C. only when it’s P.E. — politically expedient.

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