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Video: Mr. America
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My friend Steven Crowder (with an assist from Chris Loesch) is back with another classic YouTube rap. I’m playing this one while reading Obama’s budget:

Yeah, lookin’ at the country, It’s not what I intended

Gotta start to make a change, Before you’re a Neverending

Story of a failed nation run straight out of luck

Like a million Tyler Perry Movies

Uh, you suck

All you little haves lots you’re still selfish and want more

Votin’ in your own self- interests now instead of the core

Principles that made this country both honest and true

Free to speak, worship, pursuit of your happiness too

With all this money afly you gon’ be needin’ a big freeze

I hate the size of the fed like Jesus hated the fig tree

As the spending goes up, you gotta borrow some more

Borrowin’ from the chinese, Oh My lord

Instead you just tax more, increasin’ the size

Of the federal government yeah to George’s surprise

You’ll be done like Detroit man, no You ain’t comin’ back

Forget it, I’m out, I’m muzzle loading my gat

Mr. America, look what you’ve done

You’ve traded your liberty and sovereignty for lies and promises

Mr. America, don’t you run away

Pick the pieces up and face the problems, you’ll be great again

Mr. America…

Crowder had a little fun with humorless “RAAAAAAAAACIST” card progs.

They never fail to disappoint, do they?

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Music, Politics