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Romney Gets Rick-Rolled: Santorum Sweeps Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado in 2/7 Trifecta
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Photo source:

Scroll for updates…early results in Minnesota and Missouri looking good for Rick Santorum…SWEEEEEEEEEP!

You can get live, updated Colorado GOP caucus results here.

Minnesota caucus results will be here.

And Missouri primary results here.


Update: Networks projecting Santorum the winner in Missouri.

And he’s leading early in Minnesota.

What did I tell ya? Santorum’s got game. (ICYMI: My endorsement post last week.)

Now, he needs your help to unite the Right.


Note: If Santorum sweeps these critical battleground states tonight, he will have won more states than “frontrunner” Mitt Romney (he has snagged three states).

Nothing is inevitable in politics.

Also noteworthy: Santorum is doing this with just a fraction of Mitt Romney’s money.

Money can take you far, but just like Mitt Romney learned in 2008 and is learning again, it can’t seal the deal.


Commenter TigerLady:

I’ve had so many people tell me today my vote in Missouri “doesn’t count”. I voted Santorum. If it “doesn’t count” at least I exercised my right to do it.

Fun fact from Erik Telford:

Romney won the 2008 MN Caucus w/ 41%. Tonight, he garnered 16%, placing 3rd behind RON PAUL. That Pawlenty endorsement really helped…



Update 10:54pm Eastern: Santorum at Missouri victory speech: “Conservatism is alive and well in Missouri and Minnesota…1600 Pennsylvania better be listening.”

Staying focused: Santorum blasting radical Obama policies — cap and trade, Obamacare, bailouts — in Missouri victory speech.

Romney shares many of the same positions as Obama.

“I’m not the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. I’m the conservative alternative to Barack Obama.”

“Supply-side economics for the working man is resonating.”

“I care about 100 percent of Americans.”

“Freedom is at stake in this election.”

Update 11:35pm Eastern…Santorum maintaining lead as precinct returns get tallied up here in Colorado.

Significant: Romney lost Adams County to Santorum. He won 67% there in 2008. Barely scraped together 31 percent this year. This is the Denver suburbs.

Update 12:30am It’s a squeaker. With 51 percent reporting and liberal Denver and suburban Denver votes coming in, Romney has eked ahead for the first time tonight 37-35 over Santorum. El Paso County, where I live, is still counting votes. Santorum has a big lead here and these votes will offset some of the Denver edge Romney has.

Update 1:04am Eastern – GOP Party Chairman of Colorado Ryan Call announces on CNN that with 98 percent of precincts reporting, Rick Santorum has won Colorado, completing his 2/7 trifecta.

    He “exceeded expectations,” says Call. His margin of victory in my home county of El Paso was 1300 votes.


    Update 1:38am – With 100 percent precincts reporting, final margin of victory:

    Denver Post coverage of Colorado caucus results:

    Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum upended the race for the Republican nomination Tuesday, winning three states including Colorado.

    Colorado’s race see-sawed throughout the night until 11 p.m., when Colorado GOP Chair Ryan Call declared Santorum the winner. But the race was a near tie.

    “This is a major upset,” said Denver-based political analyst Floyd Ciruli. “Definitely, there is a new story now.”

    Even Romney, who easily won the Republican contest in 2008 with 60 percent of the vote, acknowledged in his speech from the Auraria campus his new challenger.

    “This was a good night for Rick Santorum, but I still expect to become the nominee,” he said. “I look forward to the contest to come.”


    I repeat: The “frontrunner” with a $30 million war chest now has won fewer states than Rick Santorum.

    I repeat: Money can take you far, but just like Mitt Romney learned in 2008 and is learning again, it can’t seal the deal.


    Mitt Romney: Tonight, you were Rick-rolled.


    Santorum won Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado the same way he won Iowa: Hard work.

    Congratulations, Sen. Santorum, on your 2/7 trifecta!

    Now, get ready for the attacks, the press smears, more glitter, and likely CPAC ambushes. Forewarned is forearmed.

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