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New Hampshire GOP Primary Night: Open Thread; Nets Call the Race for Romney; Paul Second, Huntsman Third, Santorum/Gingrich Go on to S.C.; 1 Percenter Perry Still Blasting "Vulture Capitalism"
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Place your bets, cross your fingers, hold your breath, clip your noses. Whatever it takes. Most polls will close shortly at 8pm Eastern.

According to this tweet from the NYT’s Brian Stelter, “Network execs privately say they expect to be able to call NH for Romney at 8pm sharp. The race for 2nd will take longer.”

The Union Leader says turnout has been slow and steady.

You’ll find up-to-date vote totals here.

In other campaign-related news, the abysmal incompetence of the non-Romneys continues to shine: Jon Huntsman failed to qualify for the Arizona ballot. And via Allahpundit, here’s a graphic representation of GOP non-Romney epic fail.


Update 8pm Eastern: And just as predicted, the nets have already called the race for Romney. Non-Romneys standing by.

With 14 percent of precincts reporting, it’s:

Romney 36%

Paul 24%

Huntsman 18%

Gingrich 10%

Santorum 10%

Perry 1%

Who wants nose plugs?

Photoshop: Reader Jimmy D.


Update 9:13pm Eastern Ron Paul is spiking his isolationist/class warfare/bring all the troops home now football.


With 30% of precincts reporting in New Hampshire, Romney (36%) leads Paul (25%) and Huntsman (17%).

Update 9:34pm: Huntsman places third, declares “we are in the hunt.”

Santorum in fourth says he’ll go on to South Carolina. Ditto Newt, who vows to “shock” the country.


Jim DeMint tells Mark Levin that Romney will win S.C.

Update 10:17pm Eastern: Bottom of the barrel-scraper Rick Perry is still occupying Occupy Wall Street land, blasting Bain’s “vulture capitalism.” Nuts.

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