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Occupy Seattle: Arrests, Pepper Spray, CNN - "Like a Scene Out of the French Revolution"
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An Occupier twitpic of the mob gathered in the rain outside the Seattle Sheraton where Chase exec Jamie Dimon was speaking tonight.

In conjunction with Occupy Oakland’s “general strike,” Occupy Seattle marched downtown to protest Chase Bank and Wall Street Chase exec Jamie Dimon.

A CNN reporter tweeted:

“Like a scene out of the French revolution: #occupyseattle protesting outside Sheraton where biz leaders can be seen eating dinner.”

The Seattle Times reports:

Five protesters who had been inside Chase bank were arrested and taken outside to a police paddy wagon. Other protesters began pounding on the vehicle and chanting, “Let them go!” Some people began lying down in front of the van.

Police have used pepper spray on protesters and have closed off East Thomas Street and Broadway. Protesters are handing gas masks to each other and pounding on police cars.

A few scuffles have been seen between officers and protesters, but Seattle police Sgt Sean Whitcomb said he did not know if additional protesters had been arrested outside the bank.

A line of officers has formed about 10 feet from a circle of about 150 protesters in the middle of Broadway and East Harrison. They’re locking arms and chanting, “We are the 99 percent.”

About 4 p.m., they left and began marching toward Westlake Park for the evening protest against Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

Erin Brown covered some of the police-bashing by Occupiers on scene in Seattle throughout the day.

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