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Battleground: Ohio; Update: Romney Waffles
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Yes on Issue 2 sign torn down by union-supporting thugs

Sorry, readers. I’ve been out of it the last couple of days. Trying to get back in the swing of things. While the sound and fury of the GOP 2012 race drones on, it’s the state-level battles that deserve the Tea Party’s united front, attention, energy, and activism right now.

On the November 8 general election ballot: Issue 2. As the Labor Union Report summarizes the measure:

Issue 2 on Ohio’s November 8 ballot poses a simple question to voters: Should SB5, Ohio’s government reform effort to get control back from union bosses, be allowed to go into effect?

Lined up against Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich and fiscally responsible supporters of Issue 2:

All the D.C. unions.

The whole, deep-pocketed, brass-knuckled lot of them. Vigilant Ohio blogger Jason Hart maps the Astroturf campaign here.

Third Base Politics has been debunking the outright lies of the union opposition.

Project Veritas exposes how one corrupt, pro-union researcher at Rutgers University offered to kill an anti SB5 study in a pay-for-play scandal.

This is the website for Building a Better Ohio, the Yes on Issue 2 campaign. Fiscal reform activists have been targeted and intimidated just like they were in Wisconsin. But they are standing tall:

Issue 2 is about reasonable reforms that give our local governments the flexibility to manage their budgets and avoid the tax hikes, cutbacks, and layoffs that we’ve seen across Ohio for years.

But despite such a reasonable position, there are many across Ohio that are nervous about publicly stating their support for Issue 2. And we can’t blame them. We Are Ohio’s campaign has outspent ours by a ratio of 5-2, and they’ve made sure to tell Ohioans that Issue 2 supporters are the enemy.

To them, if you’re for Issue 2, you hate firefighters.

To them, if you’re for Issue 2, you despise educators.

To them, if you’re for Issue 2, you can’t stand cops.

Of course, supporters of Issue 2 all know that’s not the case. In fact, it’s the opposite. Issue 2 supporters recognize the dire fiscal situation our state and our nation are in, and we know only reform can help save the system from collapsing upon itself. Because when it does, tighter budgets won’t be able to keep those same firefighters, teachers, and police from being laid off.

And we’ve already seen proof of its success in Wisconsin, where similar reforms were implemented.

The misinformation campaign from the other side is punctuated with a vitriol seen all too often in politics. Instead of a fair and balanced discussion of the facts, we instead observe the politics of personal destruction…

Sick of the Occupiers? Tired of President Rerun’s class-warfare demagoguery and Big Labor coddling?

GO HERE. Take action, lend your support, and raise your voices on behalf of the responsible adults in our country.

Freedomworks and Ohio Tea Party leaders team up on Get Out the Vote efforts here.

We can’t wait.


UGH: Romney: Fight The SB 5 Repeal! (That I Don’t Have A Position On….)

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