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Blocked by Alec Baldwin; Plus: Laughing at Liberal Hate
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So on Wednesday night, I was on Twitter when the news broke that the U.S. Supreme Court had refused to stay the execution of convicted Georgia Death Row inmate Troy Davis.

As I often do, I simply re-tweeted a link to the news bulletin without commentary:

I followed it with four other brief tweets – here, here, here and here. One tweet noted that no SCOTUS dissents to the stay denial were released. The next tweet noted that Georgia Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson had absurdly declared “I am Troy Davis” in solidarity with the Death Row inmate facing execution. The next observed that the Occupy Wall Street mob had turned from demonizing financial industry workers to threatening the entire state of Georgia over the pending execution. The last tweet, taking note of over-the-top harangues from Alec Baldwin, jibed:

In Baldwin’s warped mind, my little jab at his pretentiousness turned into “cheerleading” Troy Davis’s execution and my reminder about the other side of the story — the long-delayed justice for murder victim police officer Mark MacPhail — turned into right-wing bloodlust. He sicced his followers on me…

…and the rest is Twitter history. I’m attaching the very best and brightest in liberal hate tweets at the end of this post for your enjoyment (language warning, as usual). Long-time readers of my blogs, columns, and books know that I’ve been exposing prog intolerance/racism/sexism/bigotry for 20 years now (see here, here, here, here for fun flashbacks). Twitter just makes it more accessible.

MSM and entertainment rag coverage of Baldwin’s Twitter meltdown and mob followers has downplayed and whitewashed just how crazy their “new tone” is. As Kurt Schlichter pointed out, Baldwin used the Troy Davis story to trash American military leaders and troops and outrageously taunted MacPhail’s family to call for the death penalty against the Bush administration. Baldwin jeered: “Wonder if the McPhail (sic) family will seek death penalty for US leaders who killed thousands of US soldiers and countless innocent Iraqis.””

This is the link to that last appalling tweet. As you can see from clicking, he apparently deleted it. (The Atlantic also made note of the tweet and linked to it, but the link is dead.)

But you can find it in the Snapbird archives. Look:

**UPDATED:***And now, the tweet is accessible again.

**UPDATED:** Baldwin has blocked me. Snortalicious.


Tomorrow, Baldwin will host Saturday Night Live — and he’s bragging about it to his hate-mongering fans.

He can run from vulgar tweets, but he can’t hide his truly insane colors or the filth flood he summoned Wednesday night that continues to pollute my Twitter stream.

Grammar-challenged, sanity-deprived, profanity-laced, death threat-clogged iberal tolerance — gotta love it, gotta laugh.


And again with the nail salon jokes:

The punchline:

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