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Wisconsin Recall, Part Two: Fleebaggers Face the Music
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Tomorrow, Wisconsin voters head back to the polls for round two of the 2011 recalls.

Big Labor lost big last week in its botched bid to punish Republican state senators for supporting budget reform and failed to take control of the state legislature.

This time, two Democratic fleebaggers may be turned out for abandoning their offices and cowering across state lines while GOP legislators did the job the Leftists won’t do.

Reuters’ story gives the edge to the fleebaggers:

Two Democrats who opposed Walker’s anti-union bill and even fled the state for weeks in an unsuccessful effort to prevent a quorum and delay passage — Jim Holperin of Conover and Robert Wirch of Pleasant Prairie — will be defending their seats.

“As always in Wisconsin politics, one has to give the incumbent an edge,” said Mordecai Lee, governmental affairs professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

“It is likely the two Democratic incumbents will win their recalls — but it is not a slam dunk,” he said.

Holperin seems to be in the tighter race. His rival is Kim Simac, founder of the Northwoods Patriots, a Tea Party group.

Though Simac is a political novice, the district has leaned Republican in the three years since Holperin was elected.

After last week’s recall eletions, I heard from a Kenosha reader:

Dear Michelle,

I live in Kenosha, WI home of the fleebagger himself, Bob Wirch. I was watching the Recall elections tonight very closely. I honestly believe with a little more attention to these next two Recall elections, the two dems could be ousted. We have had daily visitors from union thugs knocking on our door and we are receiving mailings almost every day. The last woman who came to the door I asked her where she was from she replied the Wirch campaign I said, “No, where do you live?” She answered “A suburb of Chicago!” Unreal. Bob Wirch needs to go. I think it is disgusting he has over $600,000 to spend in KENOSHA!! That is insane.

Thank you for bringing attention to Wisconsin, Michelle!! Please keep it up, I would love to send a message to those Democrats who ran away! It is very difficult to get a read on how people will vote. There are lots of Wirch signs in yards, but there are more yards with no signs…. I hope the silent majority will come out in support of Scott Walker and against big labor unions!!

Thank you, Michelle!

Susie Paiser

Kenosha, WI


And one of our favorite Wisconsin commenters and bloggers Steve Egg added:”Before I went on vacation, I interviewed Kim Simac, and I honestly believe she will beat Jim Holperin. I haven’t caught up with Jonathan Steitz yet, though I hope to this week. I don’t have a good feel of that race yet.” He added on his blog last week: “The conventional wisdom (such as it is in this unprecedented season of recalls) is that Kim Simac is poised to beat Holperin, while Jonathan Steitz will fall short. That’s likely based on older assumptions, as the same set of polls that showed the Republican tightening in this past Tuesday’s elections showed the Steitz/Wirch race tightening. Moreover, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is actively organizing GOTV efforts in both districts.”

The Wisconsin Reporter noted last week that big congressional guns came out for Steitz and Wirch. Appropriately, fleebagger Wirch’s congressional advocate was from…Illinois: Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

Steitz sums up the telling difference between the two recall elections Fox6Now:

Day after day the 14 state senators stayed away, much to the frustration of Republicans across the state. After three weeks, Republicans found a way to pass the collective bargaining bill without Democrats by removing all the financial elements.

The Democrat senators returned as heroes of the protesters, but were despised by conservatives in their districts. That’s what led to the recall of three Democrats including Wirch. Steitz says, “He needs to be thrown out of office, because he abdicated his responsibility, his job, despite what he’ll say, is to be in Madison voting on bills. He should have been there arguing against the bill, voting against the bill. I disagree with you, but don’t run away.”

The Steitz for Senate page is here.

The Kim Simac for Senate page is here.

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