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Watch Wisconsin: Recall Day; Updated; 1st 2nd 3rd GOP Win; Dems Take 1 2; (GOP Incumbent) Darling vs. Dem Challenger Pasch Nail-Biter, Local Media Call It for GOP, State Legislature Stays Republican
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Scroll for election result updates below…

Just a reminder: Today’s the day the big-spending public employee unions hope to oust 6 GOP Wisconsin state senators — not for any corruption, malfeasance, or criminal actions, but for making the tough decisions and supporting the fiscally responsible measures spearheaded by GOP Gov. Scott Walker.

Tea Party activists across the country stood with Walker. Don’t forget to stand with the legislators who stood with Walker and stood against Big Labor. Much more than state GOP control of the legislature is at stake. It’s a critical chance to reject the unions’ punitive “payback” against politicians who have the audacity to rein in bloated budgets and government pensions.

The targeted six are:

Senator Robert Cowles (R)

Senator Alberta Darling (R)

Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R)

Senator Randy Hopper (R)

Senator Dan Kapanke (R)

Senator Luther Olsen (R)

As I mentioned last week, turnout turnout turnout is everything on this lazy day of August.

I’ll update throughout the day. If you are a Wisconsinite, be sure to give us your polling place report.

The invaluable MacIver Institute compiled a graphic on the Left’s out-of-state spending in the recall races (click through on the link for full size):

Update 10 p.m. (DP): The Washington Post has a live blog running with a bit of info. There are reports of long lines which could have pushed voting past the scheduled closing times in some places.

Don’t expect the early or premature calling of any races from the media. Remember some of the “Kloppenburg wins” headlines from not long ago? That might keep some of them waiting a little longer before reporting winners. Or maybe not.

The latest:

9:55 P.M.: An hour after polls closed, Republicans lead in all but one race — the 32nd district, where Democrats were most heavily favored. About 50 percent of precincts have reported in two districts: the 2nd and the 10th. In the 8th and the 18th — two of the most closely watched races — results are very slow to come in.

Update 10:18 P.M. (MM) : AP has just declared GOP Senate incumbent Robert Cowles the winner in his race.

Update 10:28 p.m. (DP): The AP has called the 10th district for Republican Sheila Harsdorf over Democrat Shelly Moore.

Update 10:37 p.m. (MM): AP has just declared Senate incumbent Luther Olsen the victor in his recall race.

Update (MM) Democrat challenger Jennifer Schilling defeats GOP incumbent Sen. Kapanke. Widely anticipated by GOP that he would lose the seat.

Update 11:25 p.m. (DP): These last couple of uncalled races could be very tight and take a while to sort out. Here are the vote totals as they stand from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Pasch, Sandra Dem 20,562 51%

Darling, Alberta GOP 19,675 49%

112 of 114 Precincts Reporting – 98%


King , Jessica Dem 24,458 50%

Hopper, Randy GOP 24,321 50%

98 of 119 Precincts Reporting – 82%

Update 11:42pm (MM) AP has just declared King the winner over incumbent Hopper.

The control of the Wisconsin state legislature now hangs in the balance. The fate of the Darling-Pasch race will determine if control shifts from GOP to Dem.

Nails bitten.

Wisconsin insiders all indicating Darling will pull this out. GOP-leaning precincts last to report…latest has Darling up 52-48 at 12:14am. Leads by 2,000+ votes.

Last update for the night/morning: 12:43am August 10 – Local media call the race for GOP Darling.

Translation: $30 million spent by the Left for two state Senate seats, fall one short of taking control of state Legislature.

A Twitter friend adds: “Democrats in #Wisconsin spent about $263 per vote to not get a majority in the state senate.”

Next: Two fleebagger Dems are up for recall next week.

Dear rank-and-file union members: Maybe it’s time to recall your own profligate Big Labor bosses.

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